Thursday, November 21, 2013

thankful (twenty one)

on this twenty-first day of the month, i am thankful for:

+++ my friend michael who makes me laugh every single time i see or talk to him, i love him for that (plus a ton of other reasons)
+++ the fact that michael married jennifer (super smart decision on his part) because she is awesome (which is why he is so lucky that she said yes)
+++ the fact that i can kick michael's you-know-what at shuffleboard (at least that is how i remember it)
+++ starbucks having a kale salad that makes lunch easy for me when i forget to bring my own
+++ the moment i walked out of my office for the day. yes, it is one of those kind of days (but aren't they all lately? yep, pretty much).
+++ text message exchanges with my girlfriends that crack me up and make me laugh in the midst of hell breaking loose all around me
+++ quick catch up call with my friend rob who always, always makes me laugh within 2 seconds of getting on the phone with him
+++ barrett chefing up a good dinner
+++ hard apple cider. yes, it is one of those kind of days.
+++ the last chocolate cupcake
+++ knowing that my house will be full of family this weekend
+++ hearing the words "mommy, do you want to come and play with me?" (chris -- your present was a big hit)
+++ having enough gas to make it home even though the gas light was on (hooch -- do you want to fill it up for me in the morning?;) because i hate pumping gas and will put it off as long as possible
+++ happy mail from my cousin in the mailbox (michelle -- you guys rock, thank you!)
+++ getting to talk to my mom for a few minutes

+++ my brother giving us the heads-up that one direction was going to be on tv so that we could watch malena go crazy (kris -- it is just like what we must have looked like when the nkotb video was on;))
+++ happy mail from canada (sarah -- i kind of want to call in sick tomorrow just to use those stamps to craft up some goodness. xo)
+++ being able to share experiences of dealing with cancer to give someone else a perspective that might help them through an issue a little easier, reminding me that good can come from the bad
+++ a gorgeous sunset view with the sky filled with orange, pink, and yellow
+++ my sis-in-law's brother hoss doing better in the hospital
+++ chapstick

i hope that you all have a great weekend -- crazy to think that thanksgiving is next week. not sure how that happened as it seems like just yesterday i had surgery. i remember leaving that hospital thinking that i had no idea how this year would look by the time that it came to a close. i am not sure that i could have ever imagined all of the fun we have crammed into this year, but i am so thankful that i was given the chance for this year to bring so many good memories my way. for that i am blessed and grateful.

enjoy your weekend, make the most of it, say your thanks. xo

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