Sunday, November 17, 2013

thankful (fifteen, sixteen, seventeen)

there has been a lot to be grateful for in the last three days, including:

+++ sleep
+++ down time
+++ snuggling up next to malena while we ate popcorn and watched the one direction movie (not so much for the music as much as the snuggles;))
+++ a ton of smiles, hugs, and tickle fights
+++ seeing the total joy on malena's face while her friends were all around her at her gymnastics birthday party. our first friends birthday party is complete, and it went great. i am thankful for all of the memories, both for us and for her.
+++ the same toys that i had as a kid being available for me to get malena -- hello lite brite, i loved you as a kid, and i am going to love you now. (ellie -- totally found one at target, yet one more reason to love target. sheri - can i work with you? pretty please?;))
+++ blueberry pancakes
+++ barrett turning a happy and healthy 35 years old, so very thankful for another healthy year for him and looking forward to the good things this next year brings his way
+++ sunday afternoon movie with our besties
+++ friday starbucks date with malena, our weekly tradition that i look so forward to every week
+++ blowing out candles and making wishes
+++ getting to work with malena on a poster for her being kid of the week at school, watching her write out her name and draw her own decorations around the pictures. i love watching her creativity unfold.
+++ chocolate cupcakes
+++ two good runs with blue sky above me
+++ hugs
+++ the people of san francisco for making a little boy's wish come true

happy monday peeps, another one begins. we can do it. xo

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