Monday, November 11, 2013

thankful (seven to eleven) + for sharon

the last couple of days have been a bit of whirlwind and so it feels good to come back to this space.

over the last five days, i have been thankful for:

+++ the seattle pinball museum, it is amazing, and for $13 you can play pinball as long as you want. great time.
+++ tamarind tree restaurant in the international district. seriously, some of the best food i have ever had. so, so good. if you live anywhere near seattle, you must go. today. right now. you will thank me. you are welcome.
+++ cold hard apple cider, because some days, you just need one (or two).
+++ girl time.
+++ work days ending. couldn't happen soon enough.
+++ my parents staying with us for a couple of days and helping out in a bunch of ways (as they always do)
+++ our favorite coffee shop on a saturday morning.
+++ a trip to our favorite resort and over 24 hours for barrett and i to catch up on life and make some plans for the future.
+++ down time, drinking some green tea, reading a magazine, and putting my feet up.
+++ sleeping in.
+++ having a little time to do some dreaming about what i would like to do in the future.
+++ the thought that if my scans come back good in january, my oncologist will think that we are good to go to a six month scan interval. six months. to be honest, the thought of going without a scan for six months scares the hell out of me. don't get me wrong, the three month cycle is rough, there is no doubt about that. six months. a lot can go wrong in six months. i feel like melanoma can't get a big head start on me in three months (that is the story that i tell myself to bring me some comfort). so even if given the chance for six months, i don't know if i could bring myself to take it. but, we will see. what an amazing choice that would be for me to have.
+++ all of the men and women that have served, and those that are serving, for our country including my family members that are currently in the military. we love you and we thank you.
+++ malena hanging out with me today downtown as i had to be in the office. it was great to have lunch with her, to have her do some "work" and just be together. it wasn't the day that i had planned for us (not by a long shot), but it was a day we spent together, so it was a good one nonetheless.
+++ finding a sweater that i love. on sale. which makes me love it even more.
+++ watching malena at gymnastics, jumping, rolling, running, smiling. perfect monday night, every single time.

i am also thankful for my friend sharon, and tomorrow is the day that she gets her results on her tumor markers. so it is time to kick up the prayers, mojo and good vibes for sharon. i just know that tomorrow i will have good results from her appointment to be thankful for.

i just know it.

happy tuesday all -- i hope that it is a good one. xo

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