Friday, November 1, 2013

hello friday

we had a great thursday, loved it. just like i had hoped for.

celebrated my mom's birthday all day with breakfast at portage bay cafe (yum!), hitting a craft store to get tons of ideas for fun things to make, shopping in historic snohomish (amazing), and a party last night with good food and wishes made as the candles were blown out. although i am pretty sure that my mom's wish was granted on wednesday, she might have made it a dual wish for three months from now as well.

our little snow white went trick or treating and got 29 pieces of candy, she counted them out as soon as she got home - just like her mom used to do, the apple does not fall far from the tree;)

this morning we are going to head to starbucks for our usual friday morning starbucks date before school. our weekend is looking good. some more holiday shopping, bestie's birthday party, swim lessons, catching up on photos, relaxing, christmas list-making, and getting an extra hour of sleep (yes!) on saturday night. as much as i love the extra hour of sleep, i do not love it getting dark at 3pm each afternoon.

i have started to go into my total exhaustion phase which is when the stress of the last month catches up with me and i feel like my legs weigh about 100 pounds each and it takes a lot of effort to move. as my friend crystal said, you never realize just how much stress you are under until the weight is lifted and you finally understand how much weight you had actually been carrying for so long.

i hope that your weekend is a good one. make the most of it. enjoy it. do something fun.

say your thanks.

i know i will.


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