Tuesday, November 12, 2013

thankful (twelve)

on this twelfth day of the month, i am thankful for:

+++ the great news that sharon got today -- her tumor markers looked good and she got a great report. woohoo!! woohoo!! woohoo!!!! super, super thankful for that update! her and i are on quite the roll and we intend to keep it that way:) thanks for all of the prayers, mojo, and love you sent her way today - it worked (as usual)!
+++ the work day ending (let's just assume from now on that i am thankful for that every single day, because i will be. trust me, the days aren't getting any easier. ugh.)
+++ getting to pick out the birthday cake for malena's party with her - so fun to see her get so excited. picking out a cake. it was that simple. that much happiness. these are the moments i was so hoping to have. i am so thankful to be having them come true just as i had imagined them.
+++ target. seriously, who isn't thankful for target? i know, we all are.
+++ costco having a couple pairs left of the pajamas that i got malena last week that i have not been able to get her out of. you wouldn't get me out of them either considering they are super soft and have a hoodie (i heart hoodies, i am wearing one as i type this). i was a little worried when we walked in and they weren't where they were when i bought them. i was sweating it because i thought we might be headed for a costco pajama meltdown. you know, when you are "those parents" with "that kid" that is screaming that everyone is looking at but pretending like they aren't looking at. yep, those people. but costco came through, and two more pairs of pj's made their way home tonight. whew. hoodie pajama crisis averted. we can all sleep a little easier tonight.
+++ sweet potatoes.
+++ hugs and kisses at bedtime.
+++ potato chips that give me my salt fix.
+++ the excitement that was on malena's face when we walked in to target and the $1 aisle (so in love with those) was filled with "one direction" swag. it was like santa just walked in and gave her all that she hoped for and more (taylor, you would have probably almost passed out;). two "one directions" pens for $1. thank you target, you made her night (and mine by association).

hump day. the half way point. i can kind of see friday over the horizon, and from what i can see, it is looking good. especially when it is 5pm (refer to the second item on the list above). xo

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