Wednesday, November 6, 2013

thankful (six)

on this sixth day of the month, i am thankful for:

+++ the minute i was able to leave the office (it is that kind of week)
+++ coordinating with friends on some fun plans
+++ opening my mailbox and seeing happy mail
+++ tickle fights
+++ malena saying "momma, remember that one time that you carried me and tickled me when we came downstairs?" as if it was a year ago, and it was actually just this morning
+++ music
+++ 20 minutes in my craft room, it is amazing how calm i become when i enter that room
+++ my favorite blanket (thank you sasha, still my favorite after all these years)
+++ the fact that we are over half way through the work week (refer to the first thing that i was thankful for today)
+++ disney putting lifeguards at the family pools on their cruise ships (though i would be even more thankful had the update never had to include chase or any other kid), per this update from chase's family today:

"(10:32 a.m. EDT) -- Disney Cruise Line quietly became the first major cruise line to have lifeguards onboard its ships in late September when it began stationing them at its family pools on Disney Dream and Disney Magic. Disney Fantasy and Disney Wonder will get lifeguards by mid-November.

The lifeguards are always on duty, so long as the family pool is open. The pool is closed at night, and sometimes closed during bad weather or special events.

Disney said it regularly evaluates onboard practices and makes changes when necessary. Like at most hotels and resort, cruise ships do not employ lifeguards at their pools.

The move comes six months after a four-year-old boy nearly drowned just hours after getting on Disney Fantasy. Two weeks ago a six-year-old boy drowned onboard a Carnival cruise ship.
--by Dori Saltzman, News Editor"
happy thursday, hope it brings you a lot to be thankful for. xo

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