Tuesday, November 19, 2013

thankful (nineteen)

on this nineteenth day of the month, i am thankful for:

+++ my family being healthy
+++ making the right decision for me, even if it wasn't the easy decision
+++ my nutritionist who keeps me motivated to keep going
+++ dinner with one of my favorite peeps with good food
+++ the sound of laughter
+++ listening to my heart and following through
+++ prioritizing my time
+++ blueberries
+++ spring rolls
+++ opening the mailbox and seeing a lot of happy mail inside of it for malena
+++ getting our kiwi crate and the excitement that comes with the anticipation of the projects inside
+++ my counselor being a phone call away
+++ friends who are always there for each other, in the best and in the worst of times

tomorrow is a big day. malena turns five. huge milestone for this mom.

so, so thankful to have tomorrow to look forward to. xo

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday Momma! Five years of mom-hood. You are doing a great job!!!