Tuesday, November 5, 2013

thankful (five)

on this fifth day of november, i am thankful for:

+++ a ton of laughs with malena in the morning before school
+++ the grueling (and i mean grueling) work day coming to an end - finally - it could not have come soon enough
+++ leftover pizza that was really good the second time around
+++ green tea, my favorite go to drink (diet coke -- i do really miss you, i hope you miss me too)
+++ good catch up session with a friend on my way home
+++ talking with my sister while sitting on the dream couch - a win win for me
+++ candyland, and watching malena stack the deck so that she got the popsicle to move closer to the finish without her thinking that i was paying attention
+++ fish tacos
+++ mango salsa
+++ dark chocolate
+++ listening to malena read cinderella
+++ having malena tell me that i am the best mom ever (seriously, could it get better than that? i don't think so)
+++ a good update on chase that i have included below
+++ all of the people that have sent the "fun mail" that is referenced in the chase update, the kids love it and we have a done great job of sending them mail every week this year since april (and will continue to do through december)

"Completely Compleat :)                               
Have you ever seen the movie Captain America? We had a family movie night this weekend and watched it. I have seen the Avengers and got a glimpse of Captain America, but never knew what he was about or his story. After watching the movie, I can see why he was Chasers favorite super hero, he definitely picked the best one of the bunch! Captain America was a weak, small man, who had nothing to offer but his courage and his determination to serve and defend our country. He was chosen by the Gov't for an experiment, that amplifies his qualities to become the perfect soldier. Great Flick!
Chaser has been off of pain meds for eight days now, we have noticed a big difference in his alertness. He is handling it well, with a few apparent side affects of its abstance. His muscle tone has become more tense and he has had a few fairly long spells of obvious discomfort. Aside from the couple of not so positive side effects, we feel Chase is much better off without these meds. He seems to be more attentive in therapy and working even harder-doing a lot of rolling over and working on the sitting position.......... and his eye movement, wow!- He is moving his eyes much more, and his eye seem to be more focused, and intense as well. We have noticed several times while he is sleeping, he moves his head, arms and toes in a fluid motion. It is really cool to watch- his limbs move like they did prior to the accident. Im not sure whats causing it, but I know that I like seeing it! We have transitioned him over to Compleat formula- although Lisa is not a big fan of its smell, its nice to know we are giving him natural food, and not something made in a lab that we add water too!
Lisa and Chase returned home from Rochester tonight, just in time to watch the white stuff fall down. Chaser had a couple of appointments today at Mayo with the PT and OT Drs. They went well. The doctors were a little concerned about his muscle tone, and scheduled Botox injections for the 19th- the day after his follow-up on his Nissen procedure. We are hoping that these will ease his discomfort and keep the forward progress going. Aside from his tone, they advised Lisa to keep doing what we are doing. We have also added another swallow study on the 19th. He has progressed nicely in that dept and we want to see how far he has come or if there has been an change. Cross your fingers!!!!
Tanner and Ava are doing Great! Tanner is flow blown into his hockey season, but taking this weekend off to join me in the hunt for the 30 point Buck on deer opener - we will see if one can survive without the Clash of Clans ipad game for a day or two! :) Ava survived a B-Day party and sleepover this weekend for her 8th B-day party. She is still making up dance routines, when not at practice, and makes sure mom and dad watch them all. Although the music is different for each one, the appear very similiar. She assures me that they are all different :)
We have been receiving the packages of goodies (fun mail)for the kids each week, and the kids LOVE them! Thank you all for your kindness and generosity! We all played one of the games tonight while Chaser took a rester next to us- ( I am not sure how he slept through that noise, wish I had the ability to do that!)- Have a great week.

God is Good!"

happy hump day peeps, make it a good one. xo

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