Wednesday, November 13, 2013

thankful (thirteen)

on this thirteenth day of the month, i am thankful for:

+++ booking my first 2014 plans, and the plans occurring after january. big step. deep breath. making plans that will occur after my next round of scans is tough for me. but i did it. proud of myself. counting on good news in january.
+++ not sitting in traffic for an hour. yes, thank you traffic fates. i owe you one.
+++ deviled eggs.
+++ a gorgeous pink sunset out of my office window. it would have been even more beautiful if i had not been looking at it out of my office window. just sayin'....
+++ grapes.
+++ walking around the party store and getting to pick out toys and treats for the party bags for malena's friends. hearing "momma, look at this!" immediately followed by "momma, look at this!" immediate followed by "momma, look at this!" get the idea. she was so excited she had a smile ear to ear and was literally jumping up and down. so, so thankful for another perfect moment in anticipation of her turning the big 5. i have never loved being in that party store more than i did today. yep, counting out 20 tootsie roll suckers can bring more joy that you can imagine when you didn't know two weeks ago how these moments would actually play out.
+++ finally getting the miley cyrus song out of my head (hooch, i still blame you for it getting there in the first place) with this song that i am currently loving for a lot of different reasons.
+++ the sound of barrett's laughter right now as he watches one of his favorite shows (which is one of my least favorite shows - which is my hoodie is up and i am not even looking at the tv).
+++ gluten free/vegan chocolate chip cookies that are super good and satisfied a sweet craving i had been having all day.
+++ malena picking me as the one who got to lay with her while she started to fall asleep
+++ all of the fun things that are going to occur in november/december and that holiday spirit starting to come on. i wish that i could just do fun holiday focused things and skip the whole work thing. might need to get a lottery ticket and see if that could help me meet that goal.

thursday, i love you because you are bringing me one day closer to friday. sorry that i don't love you for your own reasons. but this week, i am all about you getting me closer to friday. sorry, i know the truth hurts -- but so does the fact that it is only thursday. no offense.

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  1. love this post! love that you made post-scan plans. Happy Thursday!!