Monday, November 18, 2013

thankful (eighteen) + for jenny and hoss

on this eighteenth day of the month, i am thankful for the following:

+++ the excitement on malena's face when she carried her student of the week poster into school
+++ leftover pizza that hits the spot for lunch
+++ leaving the office right on time so that i got to see the entire hour of gymnastics
+++ a rough night of almost-five-year-old-tantrums turning around to be almost-five-year-old laughs, hugs, and smiles
+++ mayo (my friend, not the sauce)
+++ booking an unexpected adventure
+++ leftover chocolate cupcakes
+++ bedtime routines
+++ happy mail
+++ ending the day with giggles with malena
+++ messages from friends
+++ morning chat with a friend which made traffic much more bearable

on this eighteenth day of the month, i am also asking you to send good vibes, prayers and mojo to two special people.

my friend jenny is going in for her next round of scans tomorrow. you all know how i feel about scans so we need to kick the energy into high gear for jenny tomorrow. it is her birthday on wednesday so there could be no better birthday present than good scans for her this year.

my sister-in-law's brother hoss is in a hospital in new hampshire due to some medical complications. he has had a cat scan, biopsy, and will have an mri tomorrow. you all know how i feel about cat scans, biopsies, and mris so we need to kick the high energy into high gear for hoss tomorrow.

i know that all of your vibes continue to work (hello good results for sharon last week) so i am excited to see the good news that comes for jenny and hoss tomorrow.

thanks in advance for your good energy that you are sending their way. it is much appreciated. xoxo

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