Sunday, November 3, 2013

thankful (one/two/three)

hello november, you are looking so good.

a month to really dig in and focus on all of the things that i have to be thankful for.

like last november (can i just say that it makes me pretty happy to be able to refer to posts that i wrote a year ago? damn, that feels good. another year.), my posts this month are going go focus on what i am thankful for each day with other random things that i want to add mixed in along the way.

so here we go...on this first/second/third day of november, i am thankful for:

+++ my dad happily chauffering my mom and i around the eastside to complete about a million errands on friday
+++ laughter
+++ completing a special project for malena (i will blog about it later this week)
+++ my mom's good cooking
+++ starting to get into the holiday mode by finding some perfect christmas presents
+++ our friend alexis turning a happy and healthy 4 years old
+++ an unexpected movie/popcorn/hello kitty date at our friend's house
+++ the utility workers that worked through the day/night in cold weather to get our power back on at 3am after it was out for 16 hours
+++ malena sleeping in until 10:30am today - no clue why - but meant some extra sleep for mom. you know i loved that.
+++ a great run with blue sky and crispy leaves under my feet, and finishing just as the rain started to fall
+++ the excitement on her face when i tell her which of her friends are going to be able to make it to her first friends birthday party
+++ malena wanting to address her birthday invitations all by herself, sitting next to her and being so happy that she will turn a happy and healthy 5 years old this month and i will be here to see it. i will be here to see it. i am overjoyed.
+++ fruit and green smoothies
+++ hearing "momma, do you want to come and play with me?" yes, yes i do.
+++ watching her fall asleep and her little arm resting across me. i could stay there in that moment forever.

here are a few things that i have come across that i kind of loved, and so you might too:
+++ i kind of think this chin up buttercup sign would be great to have in every room of my house and in my office at work
+++ i am a sucker for a good pad to write to do's on - and this make things happen pad is right up my alley
+++ this dentalvention story made me laugh, and i will take laughter any time i can get it
+++ i thought this article on the one thing you must do was right on the mark
+++ this post will remind you that there are so many good people in the world who are doing good things for others
+++ i love the you can do anything but not everything desktop wallpaper
+++ i really liked reading lessons learned from a year of staying in the picture - like the original article, a great reminder to get in the picture which i try to now do as much as possible
+++ i would be pretty thrilled with any of these mulberry press mousepads but i think that the "good things happen to those who hustle" is my favorite

happy monday peeps -- hope it is the start of a good week for all of you. xo

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