Friday, November 30, 2012

thankful (twenty nine and thirty)

hello weekend, it is really - really - really good to see you. finally.

on the twenty-ninth and thirtieth days of this month, i am thankful for:

+++  the work day being over. i was thankful for this on both days.
+++ hanging out with my mom-in-law for our annual holiday girls night out - very fun (thanks jo!)
+++ matador fajitas, so good
+++ getting to sleep in a little bit on a friday day off (which wasn't entirely a day off unfortunately - reference the first thing i am thankful for)
+++ taking malena to preschool which equals morning time together and extra hugs and kisses to start the day
+++ kettle chips, new york cheddar flavor - good thing i only got a small bag, because today i easily could have taken down a large bag in no time
+++ did i mention being thankful for the work days being over?
+++ jeremy my hairsylist (aka my hair angel)
+++ good scan news for a friend's beloved mom (woohoo - we really love good scan results!!!)
+++  fun comments on the blog (lisa - so glad that you checked out the christmas store, isn't the little cabin o' christmas so fun? & kristy - love that we will be making the same type of ornaments this year & nerd - duh;))

it has been a fun thirty days noting all that i have to be thankful for, thanks for coming along on the ride with me. i am going to miss sharing these daily thankful lists with you.

have a good weekend peeps. mine looks like it will include a dentist checkup for malena (which she is less than thrilled about so i am sure that will be fun for all involved) + a trip to jamba juice (which will closely follow the dentist appointment if all goes well) + holiday decorating + girls time + some work (boo!!) + sleeping in + reisling (already underway) + training runs + card making.

bring it all on.

+++ ali edwards put together a great gift list for memory keepers and i am of course drooling over some of the ideas (barrett - i know you are reading this. your wife would really love gift idea #5. consider this a strong christmas hint. please and thank you.)
+++  bloom is one of my most favorite books. ever. this list gives you some great ideas for the women in your life that you could give it to. genius.
+++ i got an awesome thank you card from my friend kadeena today who used this site to design and send them. i am totally going to try it. very cool.
+++ if you want a choice of ten great options for free christmas cards designs (all you have to do is insert your picture and get them printed), you need to go becky higgins free stuff link
+++ i could relate to this post by leigh (curly girl), there are often times i too wish i could be a human blanket for friends and family
+++ send me some good mojo for being selected for the design team i submitted for - announcement comes next week.

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  1. Great job keeping up with the posts all month.