Saturday, November 10, 2012

thankful (ten)

alderbrook, i love you. it is so good to be back. last time i was here was when i came solo in january. being back again just confirms how right i was to take that solo trip in january. i knew then that trip was a turning point for me, and being back now just reconfirms it. this place will always represent healing for me. i feel so calm here. ironic since i am not sure that we would have ever come to alderbrook if i had not been diagnosed with cancer. the entire reason we came here the first time was to have some down time the weekend before i started my high dose treatments. we came across alderbrook when looking at places to go, we had never heard of it before. completely random. now it doesn't feel so random anymore. it feels like this was a place i was always meant to find. i consider this place to be one of the good things that came from my diagnosis, or maybe it is one of the things the fates decided i deserved because of my diagnosis. either way, i am thankful.

on this tenth day of the month, in addition to alderbrook, i am thankful for:
+++ sleeping in
+++ a late morning nap (man, i miss getting the chance to take those on a regular basis)
+++ blue sky
+++ sunshine
+++ calm waters

+++ the sound of a stream traveling over rocks as it tumbles along towards the canal
+++ total quiet on the canal
+++ time over and next to the waters edge

+++ beating barrett at a game of crib in the main lodge, not sure what happened during the other two games, those results are a little fuzzy to me although i think that barrett would tell you that he won (although he has no witnesses to prove it)

+++ all of those who wrote on the curly girl site to help me try and win the $50 gift certificate - huge thanks to karen, hooch, kerry, crystal, kadeena, marcie and tracy. you guys rock! beth, you rock too for trying;)
+++ time to read my "where women create" magazine cover to cover. total inspiration. yes esty shop, i hear you calling me and plan to answer you soon.
+++ time to look at my november issue of "cards" magazine and get inspired to create some new cards. itching for some time in my craft room. i am going to submit an entry for their next round of submissions. if they pick one of mine, i will be super excited and you will definitely be hearing about it. stay tuned.
+++ my parents and bro and sis-in-law making it a fun saturday for malena with football games and family time
+++ awesome dinner, with tons of seafood and some creme brulee for dessert (and of course some reisling). so good. so full, at maximum capacity.

happy sunday everyone, make the most of it. xo.

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