Thursday, November 22, 2012

thankful (twenty two)

on this twenty second day of the month, i am thankful for:

+++ being here for another thanksgiving
+++ my awesome family (melhoffs, sheehans, nelsons, hansons)
+++ my great friends, who are my adopted family
+++ all of the million things that i am thankful for and appreciate on a daily basis
+++ my doctors
+++ seattle cancer care alliance
+++ hope
+++ sleeping in
+++ a lazy morning watching movies and playing games
+++ my legs carrying me for a 3.2 mile run, the blue sky and sunshine, and time to focus on all of the things that i am thankful for today
+++ my mom-in-law making a totally gluten free thanksgiving dinner so that i could eat anything (and everything) i wanted
+++ reisling (you knew that would be on the list)
+++ catching up with my nephew on the latest girls issues, oh -  to be a teenager again:)
+++ lots of love from family and friends throughout the day with thanksgiving day messages

another holiday. more laughs. more love. more time. can't ask for more than that. i am a lucky girl, i know that, and i am very thankful for all that i have - including all of the people that i am lucky enough to love. xo.

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