Sunday, December 2, 2012


sunday night. seriously? seems like i was just writing my post on friday night and here i am again.

my weekend included...
sleeping in + a great dentist appointment for malena (great = malena actually allowing her teeth to be cleaned this time, which is a little december miracle peeps) + jamba juice + picking out a christmas tree + my expert ornament hanger excitedly helping with the tree decorating + putting snowflakes on our windows + listening to my "mixed cds" from my sister while driving (and yes, i will admit it - some outloud singing in the car) + time catching up with some of my favorite ladies with good food and drinks + my first taste of chocolate peppermint bark of the year (can't wait for my homemade batch i will get in two weeks from my friend chris) + christmas lights + christmas art projects + finding a new stamp that i couldn't live without + house chores (wouldn't be a weekend without those right?) + training run + the elf that will be with us until christmas filling santa in on malena on a daily basis + the start of advent calendars + spring rolls with peanut sauce + work (which is of course the least fun thing on this entire list).

hope your weekend was a good one too, good luck with the start of the new week. xo.

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