Monday, November 19, 2012

thankful (nineteen)

on the nineteenth day of this month, i am thankful for:

+++ my decision to drive in today to avoid being soaked while waiting for the bus in the sideways pouring (and i mean pouring) rain. that decision paid off when i got soaked later in the day walking to one of our construction sites. at least i was only totally miserable for part of the day. that is what i kept telling myself anyways.
+++ paper towels. i needed them when i spilled my full water bottle and soaked all of the papers that were on my desk. yep, that was a really good part of my day. a total highlight. i am so, so in love with mondays.
+++ tough work issues being resolved without complete crises occurring. but, it's only monday.
+++ the work day finally being over. please refer to the above three things i was thankful for.
+++ a gift with special meaning being appreciated for all of the love behind it
+++ broccoli blast at black bottle (hooch, i was there without you today. feel like i was cheating on you. will make it up to you on a date night soon;))
+++ seeing a ton of smiles from malena during her swim lessons
+++ fun mail waiting for us on the porch when we got home (thank you aunt megan and chris)
+++ knowing that i am not going into the office tomorrow, i am spending the day celebrating milestones instead

+++ i kind of love this idea
+++ handmade holiday gift ideas
+++ yum
+++ chocolate sale
+++ i have felt the same way she does many times this month as i have been thankful for the routines and the daily occurrences that make up the sum of my life
+++ i feel this way about malena's 4th, but i think that i feel pretty weepy every year on her birthday;)
+++ identified with the lines "...i have a will to live...that will comes from loving people" in this post
+++ ummmm.....the food on this site looks really, really, really, really good
+++ ooooooohhhh, these  look like a project i would love

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