Wednesday, November 7, 2012

thankful (seven)

on this seventh day of the month, i am thankful for:

+++ a good nights sleep last night, thank you nightmares for packing up and heading out - would love it if you would do the same tonight. thanks in advance if you do.
+++ the work day being over
+++ the work day being over
+++ the work day being over
+++ cold reisling, after the work day being over
+++ red mango
+++ that she loves swimming, i love to watch her swim.

+++ this art piece that was made for me and the gratitude behind it. i am working on another project with jenny, and i can't wait for it to reach the person it is inspired by.
+++ to get to do more party planning this month to celebrate peeps i love
+++ my favorite blanket. it has kept me company through so many rough days. i feel a bit like linus (minus the sucking my thumb part), but i am ok with that.
+++ the fact that the weekend is now only two more days away

happy thursday peeps, one more day. one more day. we can do this. i think...not totally convinced quite yet.

+++ pretty much love this couch, ever since i saw it in her studio. if anyone needs a christmas present hint for me, here you go. it is only $2000 but the shipping is free. i know, awesome deal right? talk amongst yourselves because i really only need one, and if you all rush out and order one for me, i am not sure where i will put them;)
+++ i could not agree more, especially after the work day being over
+++ here  are some pretty cool, free, ideas for a diy carnival
+++ next time i am in portland, i would totally check this place out
+++ heard about for the makers today for the first time, very intrigued
+++ might have to check one of these out next year


  1. Alli, how do you find all these amazing sites?? Loving your blog, as always... you are an inspiration to others. And I'm seriously thinking that we should start a craft night or something when I return to the states. Love the inspiration but still need the motivation!

  2. Thank you for linking to the artwork I made for you! It was such a fun and meaningful piece to work on and I'm glad you like it. Off to email you a progress pic of the other piece... :)