Friday, November 9, 2012

thankful (nine)

on this ninth day of the month, i am thankful for:

+++ my nephew tyler who celebrates his birthday today, i was so lucky the day he joined my life 20 years ago today. could not be a prouder aunt.
+++ a walk down the seattle waterfront on a crisp and cool november morning on my way between meetings
+++ all of the peeps that have done me a huge favor by entering a comment on the curly girl design blog to help my chances to win a $50 gift certificate for shouting out my love for curly girl designs. you know i love her work, i have posted about her designs many times before on the blog. you may have gotten one of her cards from me or some other piece of her collection - her work is some of my favorite gifts.  in my post from yesterday, i told you told you how you could help me out. huge thanks to wallace, kristy, jen, barrett, nerd, janice, joanne, doreen and kevin. you all rock!!! for those of you that want to help me out, you still can! go to the curly girl design blog, and leave a comment that you have heard about the site from me. she is giving out two gift certificates, one at random, and one for creativity. i figure that you all know how much i love her work from my posts before, i might as well try to be creative in letting her know too. thanks in advance for your help:) she is deciding a winner on sunday, so if you can leave a comment on the site by tomorrow, i would really appreciate it. i love curly girl. you should love curly girl if you don't already. we all win. thanks peeps.
+++ leaving work at 4 on a friday, not at 5. leaving an extra hour early felt like total bliss.
+++ finding the perfect birthday present for malena, being so excited to give it to her. i am going to have a hard time waiting until the 20th.
+++ a date night with my husband, and a weekend away at alderbrook, hands down one of my most favorite places in the world. i love it here.
+++ driving along hood canal at night, the calm water and  the lights reflecting on the surface
+++ fajitas
+++ reisling. three glasses. yep, loved all three, every single sip.
+++ knowing that i get to sleep in tomorrow morning
+++ not having to go in to the office tomorrow
+++ nice comment from my friend kristy  - yes kristy, we are so doing fun stuff when you come back. can't wait!
+++ my friend jon coming back to washington for a visit in december. tick tock. tick tock. counting the days. miss you. hurry up please. xo.

happy saturday everybody, i am pretty excited about it. i hope you are too.

+++ exactly.
+++ i hope you will watch this, a story about a a melanoma survivor who starts running, sound familiar?
+++ love this list of holiday reminders from brian andreas, one of my other most favorite artists. his work is displayed all over our house. big love.
+++ thought about this post today about the first christmas gift when i bought malena a wooden train set for christmas morning. she loves trains, i can't wait to see how excited she is to have her own.
+++ jessica swift now has iphone 5 cases - fun jen, is one of these meant for you?
+++ love, love, love this print by lindsey freitas hopkins and you can find it here

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