Monday, November 12, 2012

thankful (twelve)

guess what? i won the curly girl design contest!!!!! thanks so much to all of you that wrote on her blog, facebook, and tweeted, i really appreciate you taking the time to do that. i am still a bit in shock that i won. i am so excited, i can't even tell you. what i love even more is that we did it together, i would not have won without your help. but, i am not surprised, i don't do anything without bringing you all along with me one way or another. thank you, thank you, thank you. if you want to see the kind words that she wrote about me winning, go to the blog update from today announcing that i won. so cool. i am a very happy girl. i so love when good things happen.

in addition to that exciting news, on this twelfth day of the month, i am thankful for:
+++ a slow morning with cartoons and pjs
+++ hearing a little voice next to me say "mommy, i want to help you"
+++ pottery with friends
+++ believing that reindeer can be any color that you want them to be

+++ cupcakes (and really, really good gluten free ones - yum)

+++ the excitement of kids when they think that they just might get an unexpected chance to see santa, and their true confusion over where all of the reindeer are;)
+++ the pure joy that comes from 50 cents and a horse ride (sasha, are we totally sure that she isn't yours?;))

+++ the end of a string of errands and stops along our way home, and still having a happy camper with me

+++ her imagination. pretending that the space under a table is her store and being so entertained by all of her pretend activities. i love to watch her play.

+++ my legs carrying for me a 3+ mile training run - we are coming up on four weeks from the 5k peeps. more training. more training. more training.
+++ tacos
+++ hershey's special dark chocolate miniature bars
+++ already having fun craft classes to look forward to with malena and friends in 2013
+++ feeling inspired to make a card and submit it for this contest, wish me luck!
+++ encouraging text messages from my friend kristen
+++ ann making good post-surgery progress
+++ friends with colds kicking them

hello tuesday, i am not afraid of you. bring it on.

+++ today my sis and i submitted our mom's party for mingle's april issue, fingers crossed peeps. fingers crossed.
+++ didn't see the water bottles until today, also a cute gift idea
+++ click here for free downloadable thankgiving cards
+++ so glad that i said yes to a weekend of fun and let all of the work that is constantly piling up wait. like it deserves to. it will be there tomorrow. it can wait just a little bit longer.

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  1. YEAY!!! You won! I was so excited to read this because I was bummed when I realized I missed the deadline to help you out! Crazy busy around here. Glad to hear you are on a streak of good luck!