Tuesday, November 6, 2012

thankful (six)

on day six of this month, i am thankful for:

+++ re-elections
+++ tickle wars
+++ nightmares not coming every night like they used to. i am reminded of how grateful i am for that when they come back with an awful vengence like they did last night.
+++ homemade gluten free pumpkin muffins and an awesome necklace as a surprise gift
+++ another team member signing up for the 5k - go team!
+++ encouraging text messages
+++ a message from a friend that says "you seriously might have a window into my heart. you always know exactly what i need and when i need it." being reminded that i help to make days better for my friends.
+++ peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
+++ fun mail waiting in the mailbox

wednesday, i am pretty excited about you. half way there my friend. thanks in advance for bringing the weekend one day closer.

+++ ali edwards did a great summary of the kiwi crates with holiday themes if you need a fun gift/project for kiddos
+++ loved this story 
+++ wish i had been invited to this circus party

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