Sunday, November 18, 2012

thankful (seventeen + eighteen)

on the seventeenth and eighteenth days of this month, i am thankful for

+++ barrett celebrating a happy and healthy 34th birthday (he has started (barely) to come to terms with the fact that he can no longer say he is in his early thirties)
+++ friends and family coming to celebrate malena's 4th birthday (how is it possible that my girl is turning 4 on tuesday? i don't know either, tell me if you figure it out).
+++ all of the people who love malena, she is a very lucky girl to have so many who care so much. in those little moments i talked about last week when the voices creep in, one of the things that makes those voices go away is knowing that no matter what happens with my health, she will always be surrounded by love.
+++ all of our family making it home safe and sound
+++ going to our favorite christmas store and checking out the train
+++ the kindness of strangers
+++ shopping with my sister and my neice, and finding a new coat that i definitely could not live without (the coat felt the same way about me, we are really happy together)
+++ one on one time with my neice to get caught on the latest and greatest in her life
+++ chocolate/heath/peanut butter cookies, you can't eat just one
+++ cracking up at how quiet it gets when our family is hungry and the server brings our dinner out to the table. food = stop talking.
+++ surprising barrett with a night out with his best friends
+++ old friends
+++ a musician, with only his voice and his guitar, filling the bar with great music
+++ lazy sunday morning at the coffee shop with my sister and malena
+++ gluten free banana bread and marionberry delight. yum.
+++ completing a project for thanksgiving, taking time to reflect on how much i have to be thankful for
+++ my mom's gluten free macaroni salad with dill pickles for lunch. so good. thanks mom!
+++ malena reading the entire cinderella book and watching her storytelling skills growing day by day. i love to watch her read.
+++ a lot of time with family and friends to look forward to this week

happy monday peeps, the holiday will be here before we know it.

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