Tuesday, November 27, 2012

thankful (twenty seven)

the last 24 hours was an interesting mix around here.

malena woke up at 2am having nightmares that a bee was on her pillow. she could not go back to sleep upstairs because she was so afraid the bee would come back. so her and barrett slept downstairs, but they didn't really get much sleep. i apparently caught the nightmare bug because i then had nightmares non-stop (not about bees, i wish that was my problem) until i dragged (literally) myself out of bed to go to work. this morning malena was really tired and had stomach problems so i stayed home with her.

while she was resting today, i was checking out some updates on blogs that i follow. a couple of them - melanoma related - shared sad news. a patient whose story i have been following received news yesterday that her treatment is not working. the chemo isn't working, and the melanoma is inoperable. hearing news like this is really hard for me, and honestly, my first instinct is always to stop reading because it is overwhelming. but, i don't. they deserve to have their stories heard, so i will listen. it is the reality of a world with melanoma. it always rocks me to my core, but really, not much about melanoma doesn't. i hope beyond hope that i see a day when there are no more melanoma stories to be share. with each day that passes, i hope it means we are one day closer to a cure.

so on this twenty-seventh day of the month, i am thankful for:
+++ all of the support within the melanoma community and the continual thoughts and prayers that get sent out on a daily basis, some of which have been for yours truly
+++ being able to stay home with malena when she doesn't feel well
+++ more hugs and kisses from malena today than i would have had if it had been a normal work day
+++ malena feeling better by days end
+++ naps
+++ cartoons
+++ malena's patience while i had to be on a couple of calls for work
+++ barrett making it home early enough for me to get a run in before it got too dark
+++ christmas lights keeping me company on my run, i think that the fall leaves made a deal with the lights so i wouldn't get lonely without them
+++ fajitas with yellow/red/orange peppers
+++ my sister helping me out with a little photo problem i created, she rocks (duh)
+++ a surprise package of very fun mail (thanks ann) and a super funny card (thanks kadeena)
+++ fun plans already being made for 2013

hello wednesday, you signal the half way mark, i love you for that.

+++ a free holiday card that you can customize
+++ free "cup of cheer" download that would be fun to use at holiday parties
+++ you know i love this i know and you can get the book and a special note from susannah for the person you are giving the book to. awesome.
+++ good reminders in this holiday guide to living and giving
+++ spaghetti with kale and sundried tomatoes
+++ i am in love with this idea by kelly rae roberts for using plates as wall decor
+++ i love holiday gift guides like this one from rachel cole
+++ pulled pork tacos? yes, please. this recipe makes my mouth water.
+++ i think that these salt dough ornaments will be a project that malena and i do in the next couple of weeks


  1. I think I'm going to try the salt dough ornaments too. Saw a suggestion for making a hand print with them... thought the grandparents would love that! Good tips from Tinkerlab - thanks for the link :)