Saturday, November 3, 2012

thankful (3.5) + giveaway winner

as i write this post, the day isn't done yet. hence, the 3.5 - there is still more day to come so there will undoubtedly be more to be thankful for.

so far on day three of this month, i am thankful for:

+++ sleeping in.
+++ local artists that were selling their crafts at a bazaar i went to early this morning. i am aiming to buy (in addition to ones i plan to make myself) as many local and handmade presents for christmas this year as possible. here are a couple of artists that i got some presents from and am pretty happy about it: blue maven handcrafted jewelry, block talk by kim, forest green, lisa boyce jewelry, semilla designs
+++ walking around in the fall leaves with malena
+++ celebrating our friend alexis's 3rd birthday and getting to see some of my favorite parents ever (hi karen and vince, xo)

+++ my friend michelle going through the hassle of getting me my own gluten free pizza and cupcakes so that i could eat the same food as everyone else. she is awesome, as was the yummy food she got me.
+++ another driver and i both stopping just in time for a deer to safely cross the road in front of us and carry on his way into the woods
+++ my two legs that carried me for 3.11 miles today. i had set a goal for myself with my training for the 5k to be running 3 miles by the end of october. i missed that goal by only three days, not too shabby. i have all of november to get used to running 3+ miles before the 5k rolls around on 12/9. super proud of myself. when i unexpectly got some open time in my day today, my first thought was that i would use the time to go for a run. i am apparently serious about this running goal.
+++ laughing with barrett
+++ barrett and malena having fun working on her kiwi crate projects for this month. we had a ton of fun with the kaleidoscope and shadow puppets that she made. love getting that green box in the mail each month.

+++ all of my friends and family affected by sandy that are doing ok and are safe.
+++ the red cross and all they do to help those affected by natural disasters.
+++ finding a great christmas gift at a little gift shop that i have drove by a million times but never had (made) the time to stop. made the time today. it was worth it.

drum roll...the winner of the card giveaway is sasha, random number wizard said #5 was the lucky number. lucky for you! the cards will be on their way this week. woohoo! thanks to everyone who left comments, it was so fun to read them;)

happy sunday peeps, the last day of the weekend. embrace it.

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  1. Getting you food is never a hassle!(Besides, it gave me the opportunity to knock over the entire cupcake display at Whole Foods. They love me there.)