Monday, April 29, 2013

ugh + fight chaser fight

10:11pm and i feel like total hell. ugh.

i have felt like hell all night. i start feeling like hell before i have even finished drinking the first bottle of contrast, as my friend ellie says, "the second bottle is always the toughest." yep, i have to down two tall and big bottles of that stuff each time. by the time we are on the way home, i am officially miserable. ugh.

on the bright side, they found my vein for the bloodwork and iv on the first try. you know the rest of the drill. blah blah blah. ugh.

on the brightest side, these two kept me entertained and laughing. ellie caught us up on the latest internet viral tidbits, we shot the you-know-what about celebrities, and laughed at a hilarious book ellie brought me. after the scans, we ate chips, chocolate, cinnamon bears, and apples. it helps my tummy a little i think to eat some food before the big tidal wave of hell comes rolling in. ugh.

i am off to bed. not sure what the point is because i am pretty sure that i won't be getting a lot of sleep tonight.

thank you for all of the kind texts, email, fb messages, etc., you sent me today, i really appreciate it. thanks in advance for all of the good karma, prayers, and mojo that you are going to send to me tomorrow.

anywhere i go, you go.

let's hope we walk into an appointment at 4:30 where we get the news that those scans showed that there is no cancer.

let's hope. let's hope. let's hope.

speaking of hope, i want to share the updates on chaser from today as well. i love getting to know that he is continuing to fight as i fight as well - i think that he is my little kindred fighting buddy. keep sending him love and mojo:)

+++ "Chaser had a great night with Gramma Judy. They read stories, went for walks and just had some alone time. He woke up to a small storm but the nurses put him his wheels and Chase and Gramma went for a walk to calm him down. Seem to do the trick. He then preceeded to go to PT and Speech. Did very well. Really nothing new to report but it is Monday, Right??? We will have to care of that sometime this week. Had a break so Gramma and I took Chase to soak up some rays in the Healing Garden. So nice!!!! He then had another round of fully rescheduled appt. Overall so far so good."

+++ "Hello from Gillette's. Mom, jumped the gun when she reported there was nothing new to report. When in fact, Chaser made a couple big strides today. While sitting on a platform swing in moms lap during PT, he sporadically lifted his neck entirely by himself three times! Mom and the therapist were so excited they began cheering him on! With his calm, relaxed mood today, they were able to see that his range of motion, and flexibility are much better than we suspected. The rest of his therapy sessions went well, as the N-storms were nonexistent today. Once back at the his room, his day nurse for the last week and a half, entered and he responded to her voice by moving his eyes across the room to her. She even commented that he is showing signs that he is starting to track. If nothing else, Chaser is showing that he definitely recognizes voices, which is a big step in the right direction. As mom and I struggle with the thought of happiness making its way back to our life again in the future, these were some well needed signs of progress and encouragement! We pray they keep coming. Our little fighter has been fast asleep for the past 2hrs, regenerating his hard worked, fragile body. Mom and dad got to spend a little bonding time in the healing garden, where mom kicked dad's butt in a game of HORSE and Around the World. She sits here gloating, while only I know wether I gave it a 100% or not :) The night is still young, as Chaser has plenty left to do tonight. We are going to wake him up and take him for a stroll in his wheels, then off to a tubby, followed by a vest treatment- then hopefully a good nights rest. Hoping tomorrow is as good as today was- ........Again we want to thank you all for your endless support. Many have expressed that they wish there was something they could do to help out- we do have one suggestion. The Ronald McDonald house has been our saving grace for suppers and lunches here at the hospital. They are run on a completely volunteer basis. There are a lot of patients and families here that rely on these meals. This week there are 3 openings for suppers, and I'm sure there are more next. If any of you are interested, here is the phone # to contact and find out more details. 651-726-2820.. One more thing, when praying for Chase, please keep Lisa's cousin Alli in mind, she is waiting on her results to find out if she is cancer free. Have a great night!"

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  1. Clear. Free. Nothing. Clean. Normal. These are the words we will be chanting for you today. Hugs to you dear friend.