Monday, April 1, 2013

for chase, part ii

we need the good thoughts and prayers to keep coming for chase. he is still fighting his way back. today they worked on bringing up his temperature, and there were some good signs along the way. he was having movements that they thought may be seizures (apparently not a good indication related to chances of brain damage) but the neurologist determined that he didn't think that they were seizures (yay!!!). in the latest update, chase's temperature is up to 101 with a fever, so they are working on bringing that down by surrounding his body with ice. they are continuing to monitor him for brain activity. he is fighting and you know that we all love fighters. go chase!!

today on "enjoy the little things," the blog update was from glennon doyle melton (whose book "carry on, warrior" comes out today) with a letter that she wrote to her son chase. i am positive that the book coming out today and her post to her son chase were signs from our chase to let us know that he is fighting.

thanks for all of the good wishes and prayers you are sending to him in florida. if you see media articles (there are some in local papers around here) about a 4 year old boy in a pool accident on a disney cruise ship they are about chase. so know that if you see those articles you are sending prayers and good wishes to that special little boy.

carry on chase, carry on. we are rooting for you all the way - fight, fight, fight! we know you have this!!!

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