Thursday, April 4, 2013

for chase, part v + for carley + for mary

thanks for all of the good thoughts and prayers that you all are continuing to send to chase. i know that they are felt in his room and he continues to fight on. go chaser!

here are updates from today from this morning through the evening:
+++ his temp was at about 99 through the night, and was given tylenol to help fight it. his vitals were good. he was clamping down on the respirator tube and lashing it with this tongue, signs that he wanted that tube out! i can sympathize with him, i wanted my tubes taken out too after my surgery.
+++ they removed more fluids from his lungs, and he was showing his spirit by lifting his arms and biting down hard on his breathing tube. unfortunately he bit into his tongue but was showing a lot of fight! his mom was able to lay with him and hold his hand for a few hours, and he shed a couple of tears to let her know he is glad they are there. the doctor confirmed cautious optimism for his progress. go chaser!

there was also a shout out to the individuals that helped during the first critical minutes of his rescue. had those people not had the training that they did, and know certain key elements that they performed, chase would not be here today. they were angels indeed.
+++ chaser breathed on his own for four hours, go captain america! they put him back on the ventilator after that to give him a chance to rest. his temp climbed up a bit so they had to use ice again. he got his lungs cleaned out. the bottom of his feet are ticklish, and he moves his feet and curls his toes.
+++ at evening time, his temp was down and no more ice. no tylenol or motrin had been needed for a while, so hopefully that fever stays away. he had some shaking on his left side so he got some medicine to control that while they figure out the cause and the remedy. during some of the events of the day, he bit his tongue hard in a few different spots. he got some more pt from dad, and mom got to lay and snuggle up with him again. he was laying and resting quietly tonight, fighting takes a lot of energy!

hoping for some big steps tomorrow and another day of good progress. go chaser! you can do it - let's head into the weekend showing those tubes and fever who is the boss!;)

carley is my cousin michelle's little girl and tomorrow she goes in for surgery. this will be her 5th surgery since she was 14 months old to try and fix her hip dysplasia. tomorrow she will have a pelvic osteotomy and femoral osteotomy.  they will cut through her pelvis and hinge it open and then take bone from another area and put it in the hole and screw it in.  it will help close up the joint and make a better shelf.  then with the femoral part they will cut her femur in half and take a wedge (shorten it) and tilt it into the new hip joint. she should spend at least 1 night in the hospital and be in her spica cast for up to 3 months, hopefully shorter.

please send a ton of good vibes to carley and her family tomorrow for her surgery as well as her recovery once she leaves the hospital.

tomorrow my melapeep mary, who also has stage iv melanoma like yours truly, goes in for pet/ct scans. she will get results tomorrow too. the scans are to look for any progression of melanoma, so far her right leg has been melanoma's favorite place to reside. i am confident that melanoma has hit the road and will nowhere to be round.

please send good thoughts and prayers to mary for clear scan results.

tomorrow is a big day with lots of good vibes and prayers that are needed for chaser, carley, and mary. thanks for all of the love that you will send them, i know that they will result in big steps forward for chase, a successful surgery for carley, and clear scans for mary.

can't wait to celebrate all of the good news:) xoxo


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