Tuesday, April 2, 2013

for chase, part iii

thanks all for you ongoing thoughts and prayers for chase, they are being felt in his hospital room - they said that the good energy is almost visible in his room.

there are a lot of updates from the day, here are some of the highlights from throughout the day from morning through the evening:
+++ morning brought a good visit with the rn who was pleased with chase's progress. the coughing and chase opening his eyes were a clear indicator that parts of his brain are functioning. his vitals were holding steady, blood pressure a little high (possibly due to the fever that he has been running). he was still surrounded in ice to cool his body down. they sent samples of the fluids in his lungs to the lab. 
+++ the neurologist was cautiously optimistic with the tests showing brain activity and sleep patterns which is fantastic (not typically seen in cases where there is severe brain injury).
they did a knee reflex text and chase reacted with a kick, and the brushed a q-tip over his eyes and he blinked. he also was doing lots of coughing - fight chase, fight! his brain is still in the active swelling phase which can last 3-5 days. he was breathing on his own and got some of his tubes taken out - awesome!
+++ he got a bath and was looking like a rock star;) he got a new feeding tube in his nose and they removed the ice because his temperature was where they wanted it to be - so great!
+++ chase got to listen to some of his favorite music (i sent him a note telling him that he should have his him mom and dad play "carry on" because it is a good theme song;)). his fever went back up so they had to put ice packs by his side. the labs indicated there is an infection in his lungs, but they aren't sure yet what it is. he has had a few spiratic eye flutters which could be a sign of slight seizures so they added anti-seizure meds to his iv again.
+++ at evening time, chase was resting quietly. his temperature was back down and they removed the ice packs. his blood pressure was good and his heart rate was a little bit high. he got his lungs suctioned to remove the build up.
+++ he got his lungs cleaned again, and he has a bacterial infection is his left lung. he has been put on a few more meds to help with the infection. as a result of the infection, his temp was rising again so they were hoping to not have to put ice around him again. he was back on the venilator to give his muscles a break.

hopefully as i write this update he is resting comfortably, and i am sure that he is getting his energy up for another big day. as you know, that is what fighters do. i am positive that he is getting to pick up his gloves to go another round. i have absolutely no doubt at it.

if you are on facebook, you can follow his page at "chase lykken" - you can also get updates on his caringbridge site: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/chaselykken11, they read all of the messages to chase, you can leave a message in the guestbook letting him know that you are thinking of him. many people who don't know chase have left him messages letting him know how they heard about his story and to let him know they are sending good thoughts.

i will continue to post updates everyday about chase until he fights his way out of this coma and is on his way home.

keep up all of the good thoughts and prayers, they are making a big difference for chase. carry on, chase, carry on.

you can do this little man. xoxo

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