Thursday, April 11, 2013

for chase, part xii + for jenn

happy friday everyone, the weekend is here. finally.

here is the latest on our little fighter:

+++ "I have just finished catching Chaser up on the posts. He is peacefully resting with mom lying besided him. Her beautiful face is lit up with that smile I have missed so much. He looks so cute, so normal, lying there in the jammies we put on him. Our Warrior had a restless night. He is still showing signs of his inner strength and fight. During his Neuro- Storms last night, his NJ tube was pulled out, and had to be reinserted. He also managed to losen his IV line in his foot as well. We have removed it and, the staff is comfortable giving him all of his feeds and meds through the NJ tube in his nose. There is still talk about putting a G-tube in his belly and removing the NJ tube. I really don't know much about it, but I would rather limit the number of pokes on my guy. The nurses had to deep suction him a couple times to remove the fluid build ups. He stiill seems to like the Vest treatments as they continue every 6hrs. The have added another med to the cocktail to help with muscle relaxation. His Vitals are all great. He is still breathing on his own. Chaser has enjoyed some much needed bonding time with both sets of Grandparents since we have returned hom. It has been therapeutic for both Grammas and Grampas, as well as Chaser! Tanner and Ava appear to be dealing with the situation better than we expected. We spent a great night together, and woke up to Gods clean new blanket of snow on the ground. Before going to school, we enjoyed the morning building a snow man for Chaser, as the last good wet snow that fell, Chaser and the family spent the day building a snowman that Chase named "Chilly". We all feel you love and prayers - and they continue to lift us up when we sink to a seemingly unrecoverable low. Mom, kids and I- really want to thank you all (as Ava would say....) so, so, sooo, soo , so, so, so much for everything!"
+++ "As I sit here alone the room with Chaser, I reflect on what a great day it has been. He lays there motionless on his favorite side, vitals perfect, the only sound in the room the slight gargling of fluid in his throat. It has been a busy day for him, but he really hasn't done much. His brother and sister were able to visit for a few hours. They handled it very well. Tanner layed beside him on one side, and Ava sat on the other. They alternated reading to him for a couple of hours. This was as good for them as it was for Chase. I have talked to the Nurses and they have scheduled to put a G tube in. He is going to have a couple tests early in the morning to assure it goes smoothly. We have put an IV back in his leg, and I was happy to see he did not like to be poked with the needle again. He woke from his sleep and showed obvious discomfort. I did manage to get a glimpse of his eyes again today, although sluggish, they still hold there their deep brown light of life in them. The nurse and I gave him a bed bath and got him all cleaned up for tomorrow. He has been approved to go to Gillettes Hospital sometime early next week, just waiting on some of the logistics to get cleared up. Mom and I are excited to get over there and get some serious OT and PT therapy started. Our Warrior continues to rest, as he has done most of the day. This is good, rest yourself Chaser, we have a big battle ahead. I am ready to start whenever you are!"

please also send out good thoughts and prayers to jenn. she has a day  full of doctor appointments at seattle cancer care on friday, so we need to send her all of our good mojo as she goes through her day. thanks to all of you who have been part of the fun mail campaign for her, i know that she really loves getting that fun mail every week. good luck tomorrow jenn - we are rooting for you all the way! xoxo

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