Saturday, April 20, 2013

prayers for chase

tomorrow night at 7pm (minnesota time) chase's family is asking for prayers.

here is the request from the family:

"We know our little Captain America has a long road of recovery ahead of him. The entire family has been feeling the power of prayer since Chase's accident happened but we would like to super size that power.

We are asking that you take a moment of your time tomorrow evening, Sunday the 21st at 7pm, to say a prayer of healing and recovery for our Chaser. Feel free to light a candle if you wish. We want to see the power of prayer in mass!"

so please send your prayers, good thoughts, positive vibes - however you send your good energy out into the world, please do so at 7pm chase time.

here are the latest updates on chase:

+++"Good morning, Chaser has had another stormy morning. Yesterday evening ended Great. Chase got is new wheels and he loves them! We took him for an hour walk in the hallways in his new wheelchair. He really likes to be proped up, and the fresh air in his face as we stroll seem to sooth him. He had a very restless evening with a couple N-Storms (N-storms), but did manage to get a couple hours of rest. We have been trying to somewhat regulate his sleeping patterns with the meds. But reducing the pain altering drugs, and switching them to less drowsy meds, seem to be countering the sleeping meds. He has had a couple of N-Storms this morning, and we are still struggling with his cocktail of meds, dosage, and timing to keep these under control. The Dr is impressed that he is so responsive to the meds, a little to resonsive, but we can alter the dosage until we find the right balance. Chaser squeezed in 45mins of PT/OT therapy. He was pretty agitated during the session, but did give a few slight positive signs of a reaction to some of the stimuli the therapists offered. He is going to get some visitors today- Ashly and Tiffany are going to take turns hanging with him today, and giving him some TLC. Mom, his brother, sister and I are going to take the evening off and going to get a little thearpy of our own- Tank (Tanner) has a hockey tournament nearby for the his hockey team,the annual Warrior Cup- a very fitting name for our night of partial family time. You are in good hands buddy, I hope you have a great evening!"
+++ "Chase amazes me every time I see him. He is currently doing another vest treatment to help his little lungs and breathing. Chase's day started out with some therapy and a visit from some of his favorite buddies. Mom and Dad got to watch their favorite hockey player in action, and Ava did both the hospital and hockey. Chase's storms have been a real challenge today. It is such a fine line between making the storms stop and keeping him alert. He had a nice warm tubby tonight which definitely helped him relax and settle in. He is exhausted tonight after battling storms for a big part of the day. He will sleep well tonight and be fresh and ready to battle again tomorrow."

thanks for sending your good thoughts out tomorrow, i know they are very appreciated and they will help in ways you may never know. xo

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