Saturday, April 6, 2013

for chase, part vii

keeping sending your thoughts and prayers to chase, and to his mom and dad, they continue to need all of the love and good vibes we can send their way. typically, i would summarize the highlights for all you. i am not going to that today. i think that you should have the chance to read the updates today exactly as they were written from his hospital room.

the name of the update is first, and then updates are word for word as they were sent out today.

+++ start of day 7 -  "Chaser lays resting peacefully on his right side. Heart beat calm and breathing consistent, covered in his favorite blankie that he has had since he was born. Looking at him from this chair, you would never know that a week ago today, his life had been taken, and then given back to us from God. Chase has been really struggling to breathing the last 3hrs. He still remains to breath on his own, but the fluids in his throat are really becoming a tuff obstacle for him to over come. He has been given some ativan to clm him and help him take a rester. Dad got his chance to lay with Chase for 40 mins. Man, was that awesome ! To think that I would even be able to put my arm across his chest and feel his heart beat in my hand again is an answer to my prayers. I know we have be using the term Warrior loosely in our journals, but after laying next to him and listening, actually feeling his determination, it defiantly fits him. I watched as his stomach went completely in and out, exposing his tiny rib cage for each breath he took- as his diaphragm expanded and contracted, i could hear the pool of mucus in his throat, and the groans of him trying to push it out to his lips. As if i really needed any more positive reinforcement than having all the prayers and positive energy we are getting from everyone?!.....this has absolutely convinced me, Chase is in it to win it!"

+++ mommy's turn - "As I sit here in silence and the boys are all peacefully sleeping I thought I would write alittle something. Since most of you know writing is not my thing and these entries have been a pretty big deal around here, this was my chance. All though this has been a horrible tradegy, something tells me that this has happened for a reason. The love we feel is AMAZING, it has brought people back to their faith and friends and family closer together and for that I am grateful. The famous three words "I love you" has been well overdue and has been used many times in the last seven days. So for that I am very thankful.

Chase had a come and go night. A few rough spots with fever and breathing but right now he is lying in his bed with his BB's (baby blankets from birth) wrapped around him and all the stuffed animals he has gotten as gifts and the care package that Tanner and Ava sent to him with his guy figurines, is sleeping. The vision is priceless. Hope for good things to come today.


Everyone take a minute to hug your children today and tell them you love them!!!!"

+++ show us what you got! - "Chase once again lays peacefully on his back sleeping soundly, with his heart rate, and oxygen level exellent. The doctor has ok'd the steady use of Atavan, which is calming him down and helping him rest. We have doubled the dose, so hopefully it will last more than 45mins to an hour that it has been- Although it is great to see his fight, he needs to figure out this breathing thing, and move forward. He is not on a schedualed dosage of this yet, but it may come to that. He has been spitting up a little blood the last couple days, which we suspect are from when he bit his tounge on Thursday, but we are watching it to be sure. He has also been given some medicine to help his stomache so he doesn't get alsurs or any stomache issues. Chase continues to have temperature spikes every couple hours, but the tylenol has been combating. The neurologist report was the same as yesterday. We are continuing to see sparatic spikes in his heart beat, and body movement that lasts only temporarily. We are monitoring these, and if they continue, we are going to do another EEG test, to record his brain waves. Chase has been added pediasure to his IV, at a 50/50 dose. One obsticle to over come with this, is that he does't cough it up while he is trying to clear his fluid build up in his throat.
Chaser was given another live concert today, while we had some guests here. It was great for Kayla to be able to sing to her buddy "Cubby".We continue to be strengtend from your powerful words, thoughts and prayers!, as stong as we are, we really want to see a sign that Chaser is in there! Come on Warrior....I need a sign.... "

+++ struggling - "Chase continues to struggle clearing the fluids from his throat. One issue he is dealing with, once the Atavan wears off, he again becomes aggitated, heart rate goes up, oxygen level goes down, and he starts to squirm around. The doctors and we have been faced with the decision, keep him off the Atavan, and drain his throat whenever necessary or to keep him comfortable and give him the Atavan so the rests peacefully. We have decided to keep him off of this as long as possible- he needs to learn how to do this on his own, and we just need to monitor the situation minute by minute. His last dose was given to him about 9 am , and he been struggling since.

The nurses initiated another ACS session, but it was haulted as Chase spit up the Pediasure that had been added to his IV earlier. We had to stop the pediasure because of the fear it could get caught in his lungs and he could aspirate- This is a setback, because although the normal IV does provide some nutrients and esscentials, the Pediasure provides much more.
We are struggling to find the right recipe here, with his position, medicine, food, that will make Chaser comfortable, but still able to fight. He has become quite restless and really struggling with the mucus/pediasure coming up into his throat. His Oxygen level has really dropped, we are putting him back on Atavan to calm him down, and clear him out.

We did have a well needed boost this afternoon. We were able to meet one of the gentlemen "Angels" - and his family, that was instrumental in saving Chasers life! We are forever grateful for all of you being there in those critical moments to revive him and for knowing what to do. Chase continues to spit up darker mucus, potentially old feed, blood, we just do not know. The RN has ordered a Chest X-Ray to access the situation and come up with a game plan.

Our plan was to have another ACS session this evening around 8 and start adiministering Pediasure again after- we will re-evalute the situation
Sorry this has taken so long to get out, it has been very busy here in the room."

+++ we feel your hurt - "Chaser, the last several hours have been very difficult for you as well as us. We would do anything to take away your pain. You speak through your movements and we study and learn your vitals. We are desperately trying to understand you. I know that we will figure it out and that it takes time but know that we love you. The Captain has had several respiratory issues this afternoon. He is very irritated and struggling to breath. There are several factors to why this is happening. His tongue is still swollen and he is on medication for this as well as his throat. He is having a problem swallowing and the fluids build up. He has been vomiting lately which is concerning. We do not want him to aspirate. It is hard to explain how hard he is trying and when he tries so hard he works himself up. His heart works OT which heats him up. His body planks. Chase, we are here, living through your struggles, feeling your pain, shedding our tears. We understand that we can't have a rainbow without some rain. Your strength, determination and fight are what keep us strong. There are so many out there praying for you, thinking about you, loving you. We will beat this, your body will heal and we are with you every step of the way. We have changed your medication, we have changed the processes and we have prayed. For now you are resting and your vitals look good."

+++ a moment of peace - "Chaser is still resting soundly covered in his bbs. All is calm in the room except for the sound of his breathing and the oxygen going into the breathing mask. Now that I have some down time, there are a few things I would like to say to you.
Lisa and I would like you all to know much your thoughts, prayers and unbelievably kind words, are not only touching and embracing us, but they are carrying us through this. We both realize that this event that is taking place in front of our eyes is nothing short of a miracle. Everyone that believes in God, must live by faith. There are many people out there that do not believe in God because they can't see him. Well, I can tell you all this, he is real. From the moment I saw Chases lifeless body, lying on the cement beside the pool deck. With strangers gathered around him, pushing down on his pale/blue body, his arms and legs flopping carelessly into the air with each push..... I got on my hands and knees and begged God to take me instead of him....well, we are both here! And not only has my son been given back to us, but he is showing progress,I'll be it slow, but progress towards becoming healthy. I can assure you all.....God is real!"          

rest well chaser, i know that you are can do this. fight, fight, fight. you will come through this, i have no doubt. carry on little warrior, carry on. xoxo

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