Tuesday, April 9, 2013

for chase, part x

chase is back in minnesota today, he is at the children's hospital in st. paul. we are so happy for chris, lisa, chase, tanner, and ava that they are all close together again. the mri results today were not what everyone had been hoping for. i really hate it when results come back and they aren't what everyone was hoping for. i know that feeling well. i was hoping with everything i have that chris and lisa wouldn't have to know that feeling. but as i always try to remember, even during the dark hours, everything happens for a reason. but that doesn't always, not even by a long shot, make things easier. i wish that we knew the reasons why things happen as they do. in spite of not knowing, i hold on to the hope that there is a greater reason and purpose for the things that happen to me and to my loved ones that aren't fair or make any sense at all. when i curse the fates, it is because i have never understood why there has to be the hurt that shatters lives for no apparent or logical reason.
please keep sending your thoughts and prayers to chase and his family as they make this transition to minnesota, and the next steps with chase unfold. carry on chase, we are all rooting for. tons of love and good vibes coming your way.
+++ good morning - "Chaser had a good night. He managed to show his spunk throughout the night and filled three diapers for the nurses, and just filled another as i type this. Our Warrior did a great job during the test. They were able to complete it, without any complications. He was a little restless during the test, so they gave him a some sedation medicine to calm him down, but we have been assured that it was successful, and he will not have to redo it. He remains alert, with a little just enough feistiness to let mom and dad know he is still in there fighting. He is still handling his feed well, and keeping it down. He is still experiencing the Neurostorms, but they seem to have calmed down, and appear to be less frequent. The Dr. was just in, and assured us that they will be reviewing the results and sharing them with us soon. As mom and I sit here with our stomache in knots, awaiting the meeting on his MRI report we remain very optimistic. We both realize that this does not change the way we will treat him, love him, nor will it change the end result, his full recovery! ......Lord, we know this is in your will, and is part of your plan. We pray for strength regardless of what physical proof of the damaged the results show! We trust you Lord.......AMEN
"Lean not on your own understanding, trust in The Lord with all your heart, and he will set your paths straight""
+++ trust - "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
+++ coming home! - "Hi All,We met with the doctors to translate the MRI picture to us about an hour ago. Unfortunately, it was not the news we had been hoping for. I will do my best to translate this in understandable terms. His Basel Ganglia area was damaged. This is the area that controls motor programming, movement, tremors, dystonia- basically the area that controls his arms, legs, fingers and most motor skills. The Internal Cbapsnee was also damaged. this is the are of his bran that controls his temp, heart rate, respiratory rate, thirst, hunger, sweating...ect. This explains what we are seeing medically- with all of the fluctuations. His Reticular Activating System was damaged- the area that effects his sleep/ wake cycle, and is optical lobs....or eye sight. Lets face it, we all knew our Warrior had some damaged up there. But he is a fighter, and he has all of us behind him. Again, The Lord spared his life, and for that I am thankful, very thankful. We are excited to come home and hold our other Children- too of the three most precious gifts The Lord has given us. And yes, we are coming home today! Chaser will continue his fight at the St. Paul Children's. We fly out in a couple hours. We thank you all for you thoughts and prayers. ...........God is Good!"
+++ home - "Our Warrior is back in the state of Hockey! Chaser did great on flight here. We received a well needed sight when we arrived. As we drove to the hospital, we passed many people wearing Wild Jerseys, and a few with the great Toews pasted on the back as they head to the hockey game. It was nice to get a little taste of normalacy, if even for a minute or two. Chase is getting acclimated to his surroundings, as the nurses make the transfer and review his charts. His body is starting to show visible signs of the damage his brain has suffered. His Neuro-storms seem to be getting much more active, but this may be due to a lapse in the medicine to help control it. Mom and I are still keeping the faith, although starting to struggle a little to keep it positive. -Lord, I just need a little light, I promise, I will let it shine! We are meeting the kids shortly, mom and I can not wait to hold them."

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  1. Alli,

    I am reading a very inspirational book about children who have had brain damage but were able to recover by using movements. It is called Kids Beyond Limits. For whatever it is worth, it provide some insight for Chase's parents.