Tuesday, April 30, 2013

amazingly huge sigh of relief


i am still in shock.

clear scans. i literally still can't believe it. a dream that feels too good to come true. we were due for good news, i just wasn't convinced it would ever actually come.

i feel like i got my life back. amazing how three months can seem like forever when you have scans dictating your ability to know how life will look in three short months.

here is what i know about the next three months:

i am going to take malena to disneyland.

i am going to go a retreat in june.

i am going to watch my nephew graduate college.

i am going to turn 38.

i am going to get as many pictures as possible into albums.

i am going to a sheehan family reunion.

i am going to pullman to visit my sister, neice, and nephew.

i am going to write love letters.

i am going to read books while sitting on my dream couch.

i am going to spend time with family.

i am going to hang out with my friends.

i am going to drink more green smoothies that you can imagine.

i am going to make cards.

i am going to eat a gazillion fruits and vegetables.

i am going to keep getting my immune system in tip top fighting shape.

i am going to continue to say i love you's more often than ever before.

i am going to give a lot of hugs.

i am going to take a zillion pictures, of the big and small moments.

i am going to renew some magazine subscriptions that i couldn't bring myself to renew because of the uncertainty of my future.

i am going to continue to fight.

i am going to embrace every single second of the next three months.

i am going to cheer on chase in his fight, as i well know, some days fighters don't have good days. but like i know today, fighters have good days and i know that chase has a lot more good days to come. here is the update on him today:

+++ "Sorry for the late post, been a busy day. Today was not one of Chasers better days. He was seemed tired and aggitated all day. Last night he had a couple of storms that kept him from getting much sleep. He woke up at 5am and didnt really get much rest time through out the day. He started his therapy with OT and PT. I got to hold him on my lap while the therapist stretched and massaged Chases limbs. He also got some tummy time today where he would practice holding and pulling his head up. He did very well. In speech Chase had one of his firsts. A pickle. I dont think he had ever had a pickle before. He wasnt impressed. Lots of funny and strange expressions. Next was yogurt. He had several swallows and seemed to enjoy it while she swished it around in his mouth. After therapy he got to relax all of 30 minutes until it was time for his vest treatment. Not even that calmed him down. At to top it off, the doctor put his feet and part or his legs in hard casts. These were put on to flex his ankles and feet to loosen his tone. With his muscles so tense since the accident, the have formed his feet to a very uncomfortable postion. He doesnt appear to dislike them yet, but im sure they arent very comfortable....But with Chaser, who knows- when Ava broke her arm last year, Chase had dad make him a cast out of duct tape...so maybe he will like them! they gave him Captain America colors. :). once again, we left him in good hands with Gramma Judy tonight. We came home and hung out with the neighbors outside, and caught up on some missed bonding. Even warriors have off days....looking forward to a great day tomorrow. GOd is good!"

thanks for all of the good thoughts and prayers and mojo, you all rock.

anywhere i go, you go. thanks for coming with me today. xoxo

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  1. As a member of the Sheehan clan, I am anxiously looking forward to seeing you in Minnesota when you fulfill one of your check list items. I will even let you give me a hug, fulfilling (or practically fulfilling) another check list item. :-) Barret made a truly wonderful choice oh those (no so) many years ago.

    Kevin Sheehan