Sunday, April 7, 2013

for chase - send prayers

here is an update from this morning - please keep sending all of your prayers, good thoughts, and vibes to chaser and his parents. c'mon chase - send your mommy and daddy a sign - i know you can do it little man. fight, fight, fight!

+++ callin all angels - "Our Warrior Chaser needs your prayers now more than ever..... We just met with the Doctor and she gave us a crushing medical prospective.....We have done everything we can to keep him off the breathing tube so he could communicate with us. A yelp, Sound, a sigh.....anything. But Chaser hasn't done any of that yet. His movements, posture tend to be more automatic than reactive... He remains under sedition to relax him, and help keep his breathing and heart beat down. Bottom line is.....clinically speaking, this may very well be as good as it gets... They have scheduled an MRI for Tuesday or Wednesday to get visual proof of the doctors bitterly grim, but seemingly realistic potential conclusion. Please Pray for Lisa and I as we struggle to find the strength to deal with the conversation, as we still hold on to our faith and hope, and try and make some kind of sense of this situation, as we deal with the what ifs.... I know there was a reason for all of this, but right now I struggle to feel any kind of comfort in the outlook, other than Chase is here with us now....Lord, for that I am grateful. Come on Warrior, its time to give us a sign, give us your fight- we really need it right. Chase.....I love you. Mommy loves you! We all Love you. Show us you are hear with us....Oh Lord please hear our prayers........ "

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