Wednesday, March 27, 2013

half way there

wow, the first three days of this week have flown by.

we are making our way into this new routine, and so far, pretty good. yesterday morning was a rough one for both me and malena, tears all the way around. she was tired. i was tired. but we made our way through it and eventually got to school and work. eventually. but at one point i thought about putting up a white flag and surrending to the day and staying home in our pj's. but we made it, just like we always do.

last night we had our first event at malena's new preschool - a book fair - and we had a great time. it was so fun to watch her check out all of the different rooms and themes, and look for her new friends and follow them around. a great way to spend our tuesday night.

i am taking wednesdays off each week to give myself a chance to rest and focus on taking care of myself (not that i don't try to do that everyday). rest and taking care of myself includes best friend time with lots of playing and laughter at the park.

for those of you that want bracelets, i will definitely be sending them your way soon. also, there is no cost, so just watch for them to come your way soon. thanks so much for your support;)

happy thursday peeps, one more day until friday. i am pretty sure that we can do it.

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