Monday, March 25, 2013

work + bracelets

my first day back went good. i only got emotional a couple of times but was able to hold it together, didn't even need to use one of my handkerchiefs (my friends doreen and charlie got me some colorful ones that i can use instead of kleenex and i love them). pretty proud of myself for that. it was good to be back with my team and working on the projects. today it definitely felt like i made the right decision going back, even though it was a tough decision. but i am getting pretty good at making those these days.

my in-laws have graciously made a ton of bracelets to rally support for me. here are pics of what they look like. they are a light purple with pink letters (pink and purple chosen because they are malena's favorite colors) and they have the following written on them: melanoma awareness and be brave (m + a + b). the m + a + b is for malena + alli + barrett. if you would like one, let me know through a comment on the blog, text me, email me, message me on facebook, send me smoke signals, and i will get one on its way to you. thanks mike and jo, they are awesome. love you guys.

my salad that i made for lunch today rocked! it was so good, so i am busting another one out for tomorrow but added in some kale, goji berries, and hemp seeds. i think that i might have a new career as a salad maker. i have also just about finished off an entire bag of baby carrots that i bought yesterday by making three batches of carrot/orange juice in the last 24 hours. did i mention that i hate carrots? i know, i can't believe it either. i wonder if eating all of these carrots will make the easter bunny bring me special treats on sunday? i sure hope so.
happy tuesday peeps, make it a good one. xo


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  2. Hello,
    I would proudly wear one of your bracelets. It would be my honor. I tried to find you on Facebook with no luck. Can you send your email address to me at so that I can provide my mailing address?
    Thank you,