Sunday, March 3, 2013


it was a great weekend around here.

friday night pizza party, s'mores and campout. you knew that would in the mix. i so love that new tradition, such a great way to start the weekend.

saturday morning cartoons.

a birthday party full of two hours of jumping fun. non stop. she was loving it.

a trip to our favorite place, alderbrook, on hood canal.

great fruit plate from alderbrook welcoming us to our fifth stay at the lodge.

ice cold reisling (thank you ladies, xoxo)
looking up and seeing blue sky. hello spring, you are looking good.
taking our skipping stone, making a wish (i am sure you can guess the wish), and throwing it out into the canal.


taking a walk down the pier and checking out the canal and the gorgeous colors around us.

our traditional pic on the pier

being back home and teaching malena a modified version of crib that focuses on her counting skills - i am sure that she will figure out the real game soon enough and will be beating both of us (or at least barrett;)) in no time.

there were of course tough moments within all three of the days. but tonight i choose to remember the great moments, as we were lucky to have more of those than tough ones.

i have a derm appt tomorrow to check out one mole i want him to look at, fingers crossed no biopsies needed. i also meet with the nutrionist tomorrow and i am really looking forward to that.

happy monday peeps - i hope your weekend was full of a lot of big and small moments for you to remember. xo


  1. Sounds like you had a really great weekend and the weather cooperated for you which makes me smile! bummed I did not win the cards...but i know they are going to a good home :)

  2. Your daughter has your smile. Her grin in the first picture reminds me so much of you sitting on your bed in Nash hall with that wicked look on your face- your mind working so fast and coming up with the perfect sarcastic comment. I miss you my friend. I feel blessed that I get to connect with your writing. (You are so gifted-how did I not know that you were a writer????) All of my hopes, prayers, wishes, begs, and pleads are headed your way. I have never known a stronger person :)

    P.S. the rocks you throw to make a wish- look for one with a line(of another color rock) that goes all the way around the entire rock and makes a complete circle to throw in. My daughter says that means the wish will "all the way" come true. She is convinced and I don't mess with kid magic :)