Sunday, March 24, 2013

weekend, i loved you

this weekend we headed over to suncadia for a fun filled weekend thanks to our family (hi again michelle!:).

when we got there, malena just stood in the lobby windows taking it all in - the view was gorgeous.

our weekend was loaded with fun...lots of yahtzee (malena won a couple of games, that girl is lucky with the dice), swimming and waterslides, some saturday afternoon naps, and s'mores by the outside fire pit.

but her hands down favorite was ice skating, we went four times. two of the times we had the entire rink to ourselves which was so nice.

we could have not squeezed more fun into the weekend then we did, we had a such a great and relaxing time. it was the perfect way to spend the weekend before i return to work tomorrow. the food was also so good, and i managed to get my greens in at breakfast.
on our drive home, there were tears - i had been fighting them on and off all weekend. a family weekend full of fun, i want a lifetime of those. as we were driving back it was hard to not think about the question of how many more family vacations we would get to have together. so we let the tears fall, gave those feelings the time they were due, and then moved on. being brave means letting the emotions come, because they inevitably always do, and them moving on when they have had their time.
we stopped at the store to get groceries for the week, and i smiled to myself when i loaded them up to go through the line because they were almost all fruits and vegetables. my nutrionist would be very proud.
tomorrow i start taking a ton supplements, i am going to need a really large pill box. for some reason, blogger hates me tonight and is showing this picture backwards, but you get the idea. lots of pills, i am my own little pharmacy;)

i kind of missed my juicer and vitamix this weekend. when we get home i had a glass of orange/carrot juice, and then made a spinach/arugula/cucumber/berry smoothie that was pretty tasty. i spent time tonight getting my lunch ready, and so i should be good to go with spinach/arugula/cucumber/strawberry/mushroom/chia seed/pumpkin seed salad. my own little creation, we will see how it goes.
happy monday all, back to work i go. wish me luck. xo

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  1. Thinking of you today on your first day back. Glad you had a great weekend. oxoxo.