Thursday, March 28, 2013

for patty

"life is tenacious; it is endowed with the impulse to survive and the power to heal.
ultimately, it is we ourselves who cure our illness,
and the decision to undertake this battle arises within."
(daisaku ikeda)
my friend kerry's mom patty has been fighting brain tumors for a while now. she has been putting up a hell of a fight. patty had scans today and the results indicated new tumor growth so she will begin chemotherapy again. i know from kerry that patty already has her boxing gloves back on and is ready to step into the ring to go as many rounds as it takes. i have no doubt that she will be the last woman standing;)
patty and her husband chuck have been so good to me. they have been big cheerleaders for me rooting me on in my fight. they helped to fund my dream couch, and they recently helped me get set up with dinners to make my life easier. chuck read some of my words from the end of this post during his toast to kerry and brad at their wedding. chuck and patty are good peeps, you can tell that simply by how great their daughter kerry is.
i know that this blog has a ton of love, good vibes, prayers flowing through it. so let's take all of that good mojo and send it to patty and her family. please also send good mojo out for two of my other friends (you know who you are - i love you much) and their parents who are battling cancer.
thanks peeps, i can feel the good vibes heading their way already. you all rock. xo


  1. You are such an amazing person! I know Patty has those gloves on and is putting up one hell of a fight... she like you is a huge inspiration.
    You have an amazing weekend and give that adorable little girl of yours and extra hug from the 'Couv :)

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