Tuesday, March 19, 2013

i did it

i did it. i was brave (btw, do you love the card i made today as much as i do? i knew you would, that is why i think that you rock).

between yesterday and today, i put together all of our pictures from this year. i know, we are only about three months in, but i did all of our pictures on a week by week basis. that is the most time i have spent on pictures since 2010 when i was diagnosed. it felt so good. was it hard? of course it was, but i knew it would be before i even started. does it feel good to have done it? you bet, huge relief. now that i am on track with 2013, i have no doubt i will keep going week by week - some weeks i might have to do a little catch up but that is ok. i am now going to start conquering 2012.

malena decided that she wanted pancakes for dinner, with some chocolate chips added in;) so it was a girls night with pancakes (mine had strawberries instead of chocolate chips, i think that she got the better deal;)), bath time routine, and then we looked through the pictures together - that was a great moment for me. only one super tough moment, she told me that she had a dream last night that she had a little sister. her next question was "momma, do you ever have dreams that i have a little sister?" of course, that has always been my dream for her. since i was solo, i just got it together before the tears started to fall and quickly changed to a new topic. those moments that i never see coming, they get me every single time.

happy wednesday peeps - we are halfway through the week. tomorrow is going to be filled with gymnastics and best friend time. i can't wait. xo

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