Friday, December 7, 2012

hello, weekend

friday, you were brutal. work was miserable for me today. i also get the pleasure of being miserable over the weekend by having to work on an assignment i got at 5pm and is due on monday, leaving me no option but to work on it this weekend. ok, enough whining, moving on.

i hope that you all have a great weekend, one week closer to the holidays. my weekend will include work (let's get the bad news over first) + finding some white elephant gifts + dinner with friends + addressing christmas cards + getting some shopping to-do's checked off of the list + fajitas + oh yeah, a little thing called the 5k! yep, the 5k is here - oh man, i hope that i can pull it off. more to come on that by monday, if i am not still running.

enjoy it peeps. make it fun. make it merry.

+++ thanks to everyone who has already signed up for the send fun mail to jen campaign - you all rock. can't wait to have more peeps sign up, and i will get weeks assigned asap. (nerd - heads-up, you will have next week)
+++ i did not get picked for the design team that i submitted for. a bummer for sure. but atleast i tried. thanks for all of the good vibes on that.
+++ i really liked this post, a good reminder that those things that seem out of reach can quickly become ours with a little time and effort
+++ this might be the most personal mother child conversation you''ll ever be lucky enough to overhear
+++ gift ideas for your favorite workhorse
+++ homemade cranberry bliss bars
+++ i love the idea of wrapping and opening a christmas book each day in december
+++ whipped eggnog loaf cake
+++ chocolate caramel saltines

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