Saturday, December 22, 2012

26 acts continue + happy holidays

we continue to have friends sign up for 26 acts....

+++ kadeena - your act is dedicated to benjamin wheeler
+++ jo - your act is dedicated to catherine hubbard - jo is making paper snowflakes to send to sandy hook to decorate the school when the kids return - if you want to participate in the effort more info is available here
+++ michelle - your act is dedicated to josephine gay
+++ beth - your act is dedicated to chase kowalski

we need ten more people to sign up so that we have 26 acts by the end of december. let me know if you will be one of the ten. let's keep the kindness in memories of those precious lives going.

i am going to take a few days off the blog to celebrate the holidays. i wish you all a very merry christmas. i hope that it brings you peace, joy, laugther, and warmth.

this christmas i am looking forward to family + traditions + laughter + hugs + children's excitement + christmas light show + cookies for santa and carrotts for reindeer + malena opening her presents, not sure who will be more excited - me or her:) + chocolate covered pretzels + my mom's great cooking + hot cocoa + reisling + the glow of the christmas tree + joy + love + happiness + memories.

above all, this christmas i am thankful for another christmas with those i love.

my very best to you and yours.

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  1. Alli I'm planning a good deed in memory so sign me up. Kerry