Monday, December 17, 2012

serious couch love + the helping continues

guess where i am sitting right now? yep, on my couch. you can pretty much assume that from here on out, i will be on my couch when i am writing these post updates.

today was quite a day my friends....

+++ i sent kelly rae an email last night thanking her for being one of my helpers, i heard back from her today. she is such a good and lovely soul. i am so thankul that she is in the world, it is a much better place with her in it. there is absolutely no doubt about that.
+++ kelly rae wrote the kindest update on her facebook page today..."In the midst of so much heartbreak, I am inspired by this sweet woman and her community. And I am humbled to play a small part in her joy. Big thanks to Garden Gallery Iron Works for all the work they did to make one very brave woman's wish come true. You can read more on her blog:" that post is the main reason that over 900 people read my blog post today. yes, i said 900. can you believe that? me either. but i have to say that it brings me a ton of joy that 900 people got to read my words, they too were reminded that there are helpers all around us.
+++ garden gallery also posted about it on their facebook page noting that "We had the opportunity to be a part of a very special gift." they also posted six pictures of kelly rae signing the couch. seriously? the dream continues. their post is the other reason that my blog had 900 hits today.

+++ in addition to all of the couch love and feel good emails and comments throughout the day, i also got to have my monthly dinner with my friend chris. i got my annual shipment of peppermint bark - yum! that will not last long, trust me on that. i love the tradition of our holiday exchange, as we celebrate another year of monthly dinners - such an important tradition in my life in its own right.

hands down, the best monday i have had in quite a while. even the super frustrating parts of my work day (and there were many) couldn't put a dent (although they gave it a hell of a try) in all of the good that surrounded me today.

did i mention that i am in love with this couch? i think that it feels the same way about me. we are going to be really happy together;)

goodnight peeps, and hello tuesday.

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