Thursday, December 6, 2012

launch of the "happy mail for jen campaign"

remember earlier this week when i asked for good biopsy vibes for a friend? i know that all of your good vibes are working their magic in ways we don't yet know, but unfortunately, the good vibes didn't translate in to good biospy results. the results showed a recurrence of cancer. recurrence and cancer are two words that should never be allowed to be in the same sentence. don't you agree?

jen was diagnosed with cancer just after i was about two years ago. she is a daughter. she is a wife (she married my friend mike, who i am pretty sure is thankful every single day that she did - as he should be;)). she is a friend. she is a daughter-in-law. she is a teacher. she is a survivor. the list goes on and on. with the results this week, she is headed towards a likely combination of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. for the second time. which is so not fair for so many reasons.

when i was going through treatment, i especially loved happy mail showing up in my mailbox (you know that i always love happy mail showing up). it was so nice to have something to open that wasn't a medical bill, and that i knew was sent just to let me know others were thinking about me. happy mail brought me comfort.

so i am launching the "happy mail for jen campaign" and here are the details:
+++ every week while jen is fighting (and more importantly beating) cancer, we are going to send her some fun mail. either fun snail mail or fun email, your choice - or both!
+++ let me know if you would like to sign up for a week (or weeks) and i will assign a week to one person. that week you send jen one piece of fun snail mail or one funny email (marcie-roo, i know you have some funny videos that you make you laugh, those could be perfect!). you can always send more than piece in one week if you like;) 
+++ before each week, i will send a reminder out to the person that is in charge of the happy mail for that week.
+++ the goal is to let her know that people are rooting for her, make her laugh (funny cards are awesome), have her crack a general, letting her know good vibes are coming her way.

if you are going to sign up for a week (and i know you are) or more, leave me a comment on the blog, email me, text me, facebook me, instagram me, make smoke signals, trip me while i am walking by you....however you know how to communicate with me, let me know that you want to join the campaign (and make sure that i know how to follow up with you, especially if i don't already have your email address). i will then assign you a week and give you jen's address/email address so that you can hook her up with fun mail.

as someone who knows, i can tell you that taking the time to send some fun mail to someone who is going through cancer treatments is one of the best ways that you can spend your time. i know that most of you don't know jen or mike. but, you know me, and you know that i am lucky enough to be surrounded by the best of the best. you have been affected by cancer somehow, and you know that a little bit of kindness can make a big difference. you know that jen has cancer, and i know that is the only reason you really need to join me in doing this for her.

i thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining the happy mail campaign. my mom was the first to sign up and her card is on its way, i know that you want to be the one who gets dibs on next week.

let's end this year by knowing that we will be giving jen something fun to look forward to as the new year and all it will bring for her begins.

thanks all. you rock. xoxo

very important sidenote:
++++ jen - i know you are reading this right now, so just pretend to be surprised when the happy mail starts rolling in;) i know that you and mike can do this. without a doubt. i am backing you all the way. i have also put cancer on notice that it is about to get its a*& kicked by you for a second time.