Tuesday, December 18, 2012

26 acts + helpers + and you can be one of them

the 26 lives lost last friday at sandy hook elementary.

i can't get them off of my mind, i am sure that you feel the same.

i have decided that i am going to do something. i hope that you join me.

let's combine efforts to do 26 acts of kindness.

in charlotte bacon's memory, i am going to do my act of kindness this week and i already know exactly what i am going do.

26 acts of kindness by the end of december. i know we can do this together.

if you want to join me, get in touch with me (leave a comment on the blog, email me, message me on facebook, you know the drill - just make sure that i know how to get in touch with you) and i will ensure that we have one act of kindness for each of the names we remember. i would love to know what you choose to do to honor their memories.

buy a coffee for a stranger. take treats to the local fire station. buy flowers for a stranger. pay for someone's gas. bring cookies to the teachers at your kids school. donate food to an animal shelter. do anything. do something.

one act of kindness. one life remembered.

will you join me?