Wednesday, December 12, 2012

december fun

this has been a week of unexpected december surprises:

+++ on monday (in addition to my derm appt good news), it was a mystery monday night with my girlfriends. the mystery was that we were going to go around lake union in seattle on a hot tub boat.  yes, a hot tub boat. i didn't know they existed either. it was so great, we went on the perfect night.  clear sky, no rain. for two hours it was the seven of us in the boat cruising around the lake, checking out all of the lights of downtown seattle and the christmas tree on top of the space needle. after the boat ride, we headed to fremont for a great dinner. continous side-splitting laughter. perfect, unexpected december monday.
 +++ my friend beth surprised me with some flourless chocolate cake, peppermint bark, and a beautiful "inspire" ornament that made her think of me. the food is almost gone, but i will love putting that ornament on my tree every year.
+++ my friend kerry made me christmas sugar cookies and they rocked, and they came at the perfect time in the middle of a really crappy afternoon at work.
+++ my friend wallace sent me the biggest gummy bear i have ever seen, i had no iea wha was in that box when it showed up but i knew it would be fun (wallace, that box was soooooo heavy;))
+++ a message from my friend joel - one of my most favorite co-workers ever (i will message you back soon my friend - p.s., jumpsuits rock)
+++ a good catch up session with one of my favorite peeps while driving home from work

now if work could just be this good, the week would be perfect.

happy thursday everyone - the weekend is almost ours.

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