Sunday, December 9, 2012


today was the big day - the 5k! i did it!!!

when i first set the goal for the 5k, i did not run. at all. period. i set the goal because it was a big one. something i had never done before which is what made it a good goal. but here is the thing. i like running. yep, really like it. so there will be more of it in my future. next year the goal is to do a couple more 5k's, and then a 10k later in the year. after that, we will talk about a half-marathon. i never would have thought that this year would end with me running a 5k when 2012 kicked off. an unexpected box on the bucket list checked off. feels so good.

today was a good day.

our weekend was really good as well:
+++ reisling (you knew that would be on the list) + sleeping in on saturday (which helped with getting up at the crack o' dawn for the run today) + lunch at pcc + holiday party with good friends + funny white elephant gifts + peanut m&m's + christmas cards in the mailbox + pancakes with fresh fruit (so good after an early morning run) + berry mimosas + sunday afternoon nap + fajitas + seeing christmas lights on our drive home + watching malena fall asleep immediately after her head hit the pillow + catching up with modern family which equals a lot of laughing + ordering the photo memory game for malena (i am not sure which of us is going to be more excited to play once she opens it, but i think that i might be).

hello monday, as always, you have come faster than i wanted you to.

+++ thanks to all of the peeps who signed up over the weekend for the "send happy mail to jen campaign" - you all rock, i will send out the week assignments later this week. for those who haven't yet let me know that you want to participate, let me know anytime - the more the merrier;)
+++ are these cupcake stands awesome or is just me? i am having a hard time - and i mean mean really hard time - not ordering them for a little merry christmas to myself.
+++ also saw these and thought that they might save a lot of time that i spend unwinding my headphones when i pull them out of my purse
+++ if malena needed office supplies, she would so dig these animal paperclips
+++ i think that this george bailey award is a great idea, and i totally plan to do it with malena when she is a little bit older

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