Tuesday, February 19, 2019


I wanted to write this out for a long time but it was just too hard.  I wanted to do it since Malena was not at an age to talk at the celebration and to make sure her and I always had this memory.  

As you may know Alli collected different inspirational items that she brought with her to all of the different doctors appointments, scan results, and other things over the years.  As Malena and I were preparing for Alli's burial we decided that some of those items should be with her body to know how much she meant and inspired us.  Malena was instrumental in helping pick out each one we chose from the many items in Alli's collection.  I wanted to share just a short thought on why we picked the out.

bravery - everything about her was brave.  when it would have been easy to quit she always picked up her boxing gloves for another fight to spend every day possible with all of us.

friendship - as much as she meant to all of you, you meant as much to her.  she cherished every friendship and doing everything she could to put smiles on your faces always put a smile on her face.

luck - as much as we miss her everyday we were lucky to get the time with her and with each other as a family.  without that luck we wouldn't have the most amazing daughter in the world.

love & a heart - the love we shared as a family should always be with her.  and as hearts always had a way of finding her we wanted her to have one for eternity as a symbol of our love.

Finally, we chose a unicorn... I mean who wouldn't plus she really was a mythical person that will live on in all of our hearts and stories forever.  

Sunday, February 10, 2019

for my everthing

i struggled with what to say today.  i stared at a blank screen trying to write this out seemingly every day. how do you describe someone that was your everything?  that you shared every laugh with and every tear with.  that you brought the most special girl into this world with and had the hanson tickle fights on the couch with.  which always seemed to turn into malena and i versus alli and which i will admit now may not have been a fair fight like i told her it was.

how do you describe the person you knew was the one from the very beginning?  who you were essentially inseparable with from day one.  where there were fireworks, literally and figuratively, exploding overhead when we kissed on one of our very first dates… granted it was the 4th of july so i may have had the deck stacked in my favor on that one.

there isn’t just one story that i can tell that describes her because it was every story that made her who she was.  she cared about every person and every story.  that so many of you are here today is a testament to that.  she was the kindest, most selfless, most loving person i have ever known.  i have and will continue to love and miss her every day and i was truly the luckiest man in the world to be her husband.

now i have a request.  alli strived to bring more happiness into this world every single day.  she would want all of us to help now in keeping that going.  as everyone who has seen one of her out of office message at work knows, it takes an entire, gigantic team of people to do all that she did.  i’m asking all of you to be that team.  be a part of a happy mail campaign for someone that needs a smile; leave a candy bar to brighten a person’s day, buy that random person in line behind you a coffee, smile and ask someone how their day is going to make sure they know that people care about them.  keep all those things that she did for people going.  you all know she would do the same for you.

-your loving husband


Thank you to all of you that have sent in their stories with Alli.  I'm going to post the eulogies from the family at the celebration of life first then post all the great stories that people have sent it.  To keep this on a more regular schedule I'm going to try and post 1 or 2 a week moving forward.  If you haven't had a chance to email me a story but wanted to please still email it in.  The email address again is Alli_Celebration@comcast.net.  

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Alli's Helpers - Happy Mail facebook campaign page

One of Alli's friends, Tracy, started a facebook page to keep the Happy Mail campaigns going.  Please see her message below and sign up to help sending smiles around to make the world a happier place.  

"In honor of Alli, please join Happy Mail Campaigns to keep her joy and love of life flowing.  A facebook page has been created...https://www.facebook.com/happymailcampaigns and a couple of campaigns have already been initiated.

The page is off to a good start, but Alli's army is huge, and we need help getting the word out far and wide so Alli's magical happy mail is a success.

Please spread the word to family, friends, Alli's fans and any kindhearted person you know to like the page and to sign up for campaigns whenever possible.  If not on Facebook, e-mail HappyMailCampaigns@comcast.net .

Campaign details will be sent via e-mail, messenger, etc...no contact information will be posted publicly.

Sending a happy thoughts out into the world only takes a second and doesn't have to cost much...in fact, it can be free if you send an e-mail :)...Alli wanted to good vibes and mojo to flow, so let's be Alli's helpers and do this in homage to her."

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Surreal and Celebration of Life/ Blog info

It still seems so surreal.  Like she has been on a vacation and should be walking through the door anytime now to give Malena and I a hug and a kiss.  We have had some rough spots and some smiles as we take things day by day.  I have gone to write a blog a couple times but I just can't seem to get my fingers to type what is going through my head.  I'm sure part of that is that it does seem surreal, like a bad dream I should be waking up from, but if I write it down then it has happened.  I keep thinking back to a blog Alli wrote long ago where she said something to the effect of its okay you don't know what to say I don't either.  I'm sure I will get my fingers to type in the coming time, they just don't know what to say yet.

I did want to share one detail with all of you about the celebration of life.  Alli meant so much to so many people and you all meant so much to her.  I want people to be able to share their stories of her; of all the nice things and inspiration she provided; of the interactions she had with people; of the amazing person she was from growing up, to school, to work... just everything in life.  At an attempt of levity... although it might not be too far off... the challenge is we might be there for a week or longer if everyone she did a nice things for came up to say something.  So at the celebration of life it will only be family speaking at the service but I still want people to be able to share and more importantly I want Malena to know all those stories people have with Alli and what she meant to everyone.

The best solution I have to solve that challenge is to use this platform for sharing.  In lieu of opening up the mic, I am going to open up the blog.  If you have a story, an inspiration, a nice thing she did, etc that you wanted to share please email to Alli_Celebration@comcast.net.  Include the blog title as well as the write-up with any pictures and I will start posting them here after the celebration of life.  It doesn’t matter if they are short or long, as long as they are genuine that is what matters.

I want Malena to be able to read about Alli, her stories, and her inspiration to others.  When she has a bad day as a teenager or she has a milestone in her future that she wants to celebrate; I want her to be able to read about her mom if she thinks that will make her day better or to celebrate an accomplishment that much more.  I always hear that we are telling our kids as a warning that what you but out on the internet lives forever.  I hope that comes that is true for this.  d

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Celebration of Life Details

Alli's larger celebration of life will be held at 11:00am on January 26th at Trinity Lutheran Church in Tacoma with a reception to follow.  I did update the previous blog post as well but wanted to make sure a new post had the correct information.  

In lieu of flowers we are asking for donations to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA). Donations may be sent to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, P.O. Box 19023, Seattle, WA  98109-1023.  Checks may be made payable to SCCA with the indication that they are in the memory of Alli Hanson for melanoma research.  You can also call (206) 606-2070 or (877) 308-3117 to make a donation by phone.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Memorial Details

We are trying to finalize details for Alli's celebration of life but wanted to share what the plan currently is.  We are trying to make sure we have a place for her formal celebration of life that is large enough for all to attend and hoping to confirm that very soon.  

The smaller graveside service will be held in Hoquim at Sunset Memorial Park this Friday, January 11th, at 2:00pm followed by a reception at Saron Lutheran-First Presbyterian Church; also in Hoquim.  

The larger, formal celebration of life we will have in the Seattle/ Tacoma area most likely in early February.  Once we have firm details on time and location I will post another blog on here to share the details. 

UPDATE - Alli's larger Celebration of life will be held on at 11:00am on January 26th at Trinity Lutheran Church in Tacoma (close to Pacific Lutheran University).      

Also, in lieu of flowers we are asking for donations to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA). Donations may be sent to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, P.O. Box 19023, Seattle, WA  98109-1023.  Checks may be made payable to SCCA with the indication that they are in the memory of Alli Hanson for melanoma research.  You can also call (206) 606-2070 or (877) 308-3117 to make a donation by phone.