Sunday, May 22, 2016


friday was the best that i felt all weekend.

i made it all the way through the billy joel concert, nauseas but doable, and then during the encore the nausea came on like a freight train. but, oh billy --- he puts on such a good show. i would see him in concert every chance i can. so, so good. nothing like singing along with him at safeco field, with the roof open, on a gorgeous may night.

saturday morning i slept in late, i needed the rest. felt ok when i got up, not great, but thought the day might be bearable. about 1.5 hours later, while we were out getting some lunch, the tidal wave came rolling back in and i was down for the count for the next five hours. so, that was pretty much my saturday.

today i was up for the day although i needed to take quite a bit of deep breaths to keep chugging through the day.

i am getting worried that this nausea is going to be with me the whole way through, and even more worried that this is not as bad as it is going to get.

but i can only see how it goes when each day passes.

but for now, let's just assume everyday i am not feeling great because i will get tired of writing about it, and at the end of a long day of living with it, writing about it is just about the last thing that i want to do.

in between the nausea, we did get in some tickle fights, some movie time cozied up under blankets, making malena's cooking kit for the month which was donuts (which of course we made gluten free), time with the family, and of course i got in some green teas.

another week begins, i have no idea how this one will play out so the only option is to dive in. right? right.

here we go.

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  1. So happy to hear the concert was amazing! Id love to know more about the cooking kit. Sounds like fun. Hugs to you as we head into the week.