Wednesday, May 4, 2016

the all clear

so today i got my ultrasound results back. and as anticipated from what the tech told me, the results were clear. so maybe it is  just a pulled muscle that is hurting so bad. my oncologist will let me know if there are any other follow up tests that he might want to do. i will keep close track of my left side to make sure that i don’t have feel any lumps or bumps.

i met with my nutritionist today and we focused on my game plan for treatment. it really isn’t too different than how i eat now but we are going to make some minor adjustments.

in a nutshell, i am going to focus on no dairy, no gluten, no soy, no nightshade vegetables (tomatos, eggplant, peppers), no sugar, no alcohol (might need to have one more cold cider before next thursday), fruit, vegetables, protein in smaller amounts twice a day, lots of green tea, green smoothies, juicing veggies/fruit, lots of chia and hemp seeds, lots of avocados, no corn, no beans, etc – doing hot saunas (as long as they don’t make me feel worse), and lots of walking (no running for now because with treatment we don’t want my body to be too stressed beyond what it will already be going through) and jumping (jumping on trampolines is really good for clearing out your lymph nodes). oh, and taking my vitamins – and trying to get lots of rest.

that is a really long nutshell, but you get the picture.

i am all for it. having a very focused plan for eating makes me feel like i am doing the needed work to get my body into fighting shape as much as possible – making sure that that my body is focusing on fighting cancer and not the food that i put in it. this won’t be too hard because i have basically been eating this way since 2013, but now i will just dig a little deeper.

my nutritionist also gave me a referral to an oncology nutritionist in seattle that focuses on nutrition for cancer patients. so i will get an appointment with him too. i am so appreciative that she did the research to find him, and then called him to make sure that she was comfortable in referring me. how cool is that? my own private screener for health care, got to love that.

tomorrow we review offers on our house. i am so ready to be done with living in a staged house. it is like one more life complication that i really don’t need. but it will be worth it tomorrow at 5pm if our realtor tells us we have a solid offer (or even better yet, multiple offers). keep your fingers crossed, we definitely need good news tomorrow.

happy thursday all – one more day until the weekend. i am pretty sure, even though i am draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagging, that we can make it. slow and steady wins the race.
ps) and because i seem to be on a roll -- this (go to minute 5:45 for the best part). you are welcome.


  1. The "all clear" on the ultrasound has me doing the happy dance over here.

  2. Glad you got some good news. Also keeping fingers crossed on the house.