Tuesday, May 24, 2016

and so it goes

"and so it goes" is one of my favorite billy joel songs, but seemed fitting for this post as well.

i have a new side effect to add to the list as of monday morning.

swollen eyes, lips, and chin.

this is what my eyes looked this morning, as you can tell, the eyelids are basically entirely covering my eyes. and they seem to have decided to also swell about half way down my face. my eyelids feel like they weigh about 1,000 pounds each. man, my eyes are so tired by the end of the day. but on the good side, my actual vision has not changed which is a potential side effect and one that i have to watch closely. so while i can barely see, my eyesight is still good.

my lower lip is a lot bigger than my top lip, and my chin is swollen. perhaps like a botox incident gone wrong;)

yep, looking good in the morning and throughout the day. i promise that i won't show pictures of every side effect, but i figured that this is one that you can see and can get an idea about. and since we are going on this crazy ride together, you might as well see what i looked like before i propped my eyes open with toothpicks (kidding, kind of).

i walked into my boss's office today and he asked how it was going and i said "oh good, except that i am nauseas and my eyes weigh about 200 pounds each - other than, totally good." and i laughed. and he laughed. and he said "you know, i guess you can choose to laugh or not, and you always keep laughing."

yep, still laughing. what else am i going to do? lay in bed and feel sorry for myself and cry. yep, did a little crying last night to be honest and then quickly realized that crying was sure as hell not going to help my swollen eyes. sucks when even crying makes your side effects worse;)

so we will see what tomorrow holds. i have a check-in appointment with my oncologist so we will what he thinks about the swelling. i have been keeping him posted and have been ensuring that my breathing has been good as swelling of my throat is a concern.

happy wednesday peeps -- may it be a good one:)


  1. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about this new side effect. I just gotta say how much I admire your spirit and sense of humor as you take on each challenge. Hope this side effect goes away VERY QUICKLY! Hugs to you.

  2. "Not cool at all side effects!" Here's hoping tomorrow you're a little more bright eyed.

  3. I'm sorry you are having to deal with these damn swollen side effects. But I must say that puffiness and all - your beauty still shines through to me and everyone else who calls you a friend!

  4. How long did the swelling last? My husband has it on his right eye, the swelling.